You don’t have to apply for micropayments to get VC in the NBA 2K22 game.

There are different currencies that you can obtain in the NBA 2K22 game . The most important of these is the unit abbreviated as Virtual Currency or VC. This video game mentioned uses the VC unit in the most important places and is also sold via micropayment. So, you can understand that the VC unit is important even from here. As you can imagine, it is not so easy to cash in a currency sold with micropayments. However, with this guide we have prepared for you, we will try to explain how you can earn VC units without spending any extra money. There are actually plenty of ways to get VC in the game .

NBA 2K22: How to earn VC without spending money?

How to earn VC in NBA 2K22 game?

First of all, the version you buy is of great importance in the NBA 2K22 game. The reason for this is that a special edition like the 75th Anniversary Edition actually comes with 100k VC. If you have purchased any special edition of the game, you will definitely have some VC in your account. You just have to earn more on it. For this, the first thing you can do is collect your daily reward. You can win a random reward every day by visiting the monument in The City. These rewards include discounts, experience boosters and VC. If you unlock these rewards regularly, you can definitely get VC one day. However, we would like to point out that the chance of this currency appearing is not very high.

Another thing that will earn you VC in the NBA 2K22 game is NBA 2KTV. While watching the weekly series in NBA 2KTV, which you can access from the main menu of the game or via the MyCAREER mode, you can randomly be asked questions or vote on certain things. Doing this earns you VC. Another way to earn more VC within MyCAREER is to start your experience with College and progress through the G League. This way, your starting salary is higher. This is also paid as VC. If you start your career this way, you can earn at least 750 VC per match. You can increase your salary even more with sponsorships, higher achievements and other items.

You should not forget the missions in the NBA 2K22 game. There are many missions you can complete in the game, and some of these missions are also updated weekly. If you are going to play this game every day, remember to focus on the missions. They’re usually not too difficult anyway and can be a good resource for earning VC on a regular basis. There is also a raffle called Race of the Week in The City. Race of the Week makes one player a VC millionaire each week; It gives 1 million VC. If you’re lucky, you too could become a millionaire one day thanks to Race of the Week. Apart from that, you can also get VC by voting for the teams that will win when the real season starts, via Daily Pick ‘Em.

The remaining ways to get VC in NBA 2K22 game is to just play the game and not miss special codes like Locker Code. You can get VC by playing matches in game modes other than MyTEAM. For this, we can directly recommend the MyCAREER mode. You can also follow the social media channels of the NBA 2K brand for Locker Code. These codes are distributed on the internet and entered in the game. With the codes, some awards are given for VC from time to time, for cosmetic items from time to time, and for MyTEAM from time to time. If you want to play this game seriously and get VC fast, we recommend you to do this as well. In this way, you can be comfortable without spending any money on the game. You will only waste your time instead of money.

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