You can strengthen yourself by using Wondrous Elixir and Ashes of War in Elden Ring game.

In this new guide to Elden Ring, you ‘ll learn what the Wondrous Elixir really is, how it’s obtained, and what it takes to brew it . You will also learn about what Ashes of War items are and how to use them. If you wish, let’s talk about these items under two different headings and touch on their most critical points , without extending the introduction too much .

Elden Ring Wondrous Elixir and Ashes of War

Wondrous Elixir

Flask of Wondrous Physick is a different type of bottle that strengthens your character or restores certain stats. To get the Flask of Wonder Physick, you need to go to one of the early game dungeons, more specifically the Limgrave area within the Third Church of Marika, north of the tall tree on the map. But just having the bottle is not enough to use it.

In order to use such an item, you must first place Crystal Tears in it. These ingredients are what make the Wondrous Elixir such a unique potion. Essentially, each tear has a different, specific effect. For example, they can restore half your health bar or speed up your stamina recovery. By combining two such tears and then using the Wondrous Elixir item, you will get the two special effects contained in the ingredients, namely tears.

Before placing the ingredients in the bottle, you need to rest inside the Site of Grace, then select the Mix Flask of Wondrous Physick option. A menu will open and you will be able to choose the ingredients to create your own unique potion that will provide you with various effects.

Ashes of War

At its core, Ashes of War are improvements to weapons and shields that add new, unique abilities when using a particular weapon. They also improve a specific weapon or shield by making it scale with a certain stat, like strength. Most Ashes of War items are tied to a specific weapon or shield.

To use the Ashes of War item, you must first navigate to a Site of Grace area, then select the Ashes of War option. After that, the Inventory screen will open. Next, select the weapon you want to upgrade. By selecting it, you will see the current Ashes of War item. Next, choose the option you find most interesting. From this point on, you’ll gain a special ability and enhanced scaling when wielding the Ashes of War-enhanced weapon. Now all you have to do is press the right button or L2 key to use the skill.

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