How much does PlayStation Plus cost, now that the subscription for Sony consoles is renewed with three different levels?

Starting from 23 June,  PlayStation Plus changes the cards on the table and, among the many innovations we talked about in our article-guide , following the official announcement by Sony , there are also those concerning the  price of the subscription service.

How much does PlayStation Plus cost , now that it is split into different tiers with different benefits? To help you find your way around and choose the ideal rate for you, we have decided to put together this handy guide. If in doubt, feel free to take advantage of the comments area below the article.

PlayStation Plus cost

The  cost of PlayStation Plus differs depending on the membership level you choose. We make the point to help you orient yourself.

How much does PlayStation Plus Essential cost

The subscription of the lowest level, Essential, gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Two free games per month for PS4 / PS5 (like the old Plus)
  • Archiving of online saves
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Ability to play online multiplayer
  • All the other benefits traditionally provided for Plus.

So let’s talk about the cheapest subscription, which is offered at the following prices:

  • € 8.99 per month
  • € 24.99 per quarter
  • € 59.99 per year

How much does PlayStation Plus Extra cost

The second level of the subscription allows you to get  all the benefits of the previous level, to which are added :

  • A library of  on-demand games for PS4 / PS5 that will be updated on a monthly basis ( check games included ).

In this case, therefore, you can select which games to download and play on your console, without having to buy them individually. Sony’s day-one games are not expected to arrive.

The  cost is as follows:

  • € 13.99 per month
  • € 39.99 per quarter
  • € 99.99 per year

How much does PlayStation Plus Premium cost

Finally, the highest level includes all the advantages of the previous ones, to which it adds :

  • Ability to  stream PS4 games on demand
  • Access to a  catalog of classics from PS1, PS2, PS3 (streaming) and PSP
  • Try selected games for free for a limited time

It is, therefore, the subscription level that merges the previous benefits of PS Now with the Plus subscription. In this case, the prices are:

  • € 16.99 per month
  • € 49.99  per quarter
  • € 119.99  per year

It’s undoubtedly a more expensive subscription, but one that can offer more to those interested in streaming and the classics. You can consult our constantly updated list to see the list of already official included games.

How much does PlayStation Plus cost?
How much does PlayStation Plus cost? The price changes depending on the subscription chosen

PlayStation Plus pricing: summary

Having taken stock of the different subscription levels, we summarize the costs in a practical table for our readers.

Subscription nameMonthlyQuarterlyAnnual
 PS Plus Essential€ 8.99€ 24.99€ 59.99
 PS Plus Extra€ 13.99€ 39.99€ 99.99
 PS Plus Premium€ 16.99€ 49.99€ 119.99

We remind you that it is possible to freely choose the duration of the subscription between monthly, quarterly and annual . For example, you can try a single first month, and then decide at the time of renewal (before the subscription expires) to maybe switch to a quarterly or annual payment model, saving something.

We also remind you that the subscription is automatically renewed at the time of expiry, with the same previous rate : if you subscribe to a monthly subscription, after the month it will be renewed by another single month, at the same amount, until you intervene to cancel or modify the subscription.

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