Often works of art live for a long time thanks to fans parsing movies, books and games for quotes and memes. This was confirmed by the situation with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance .

Released in 2013, the game was a spin-off of Hideo Kojima’s popular Japanese Metal Gear series and is best remembered for its colorful characters.

The PlayTracker service , which monitors game activity, has noted a sharp increase in MGR online since January 2022. In April, the simultaneous number of players increased by 1000% – from 300–800 people in 2021 to 2 thousand simultaneously playing this month. The reason for this surge in activity was memes with game characters, which for some reason have become popular right now.

Nanomachines son!

One of the most popular memes was the dialogue between Raiden and Senator Armstrong, shouting “Nanomachines, son!”.

Jetstream Sam and Sundowner smiles

Another memorable and funny MGR moment was the awkward smiles of two characters in the game – Jetstream Sam and Sundowner.

Song “Rules of Nature”

Fans of the game also loved the song Rules of Nature from the soundtrack. You can find dozens of videos on YouTube in which this track is used to add epic to the current events.

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