How to complete Fia’s quest in Elden Ring and get the normal ending? We tell in the guide

Side quests can be confusing in Elden Ring, especially when they are long. Therefore, we wrote down a guide for completing the quest of Fia – the very girl who hugs the hero (and hangs a debuff).

In the story, Queen Marika removed the rune of Death so that everyone would become immortal. The ending, which opens the Fia quest, returns the Death rune to its place in order to return everything as it was.

For the first time, you can communicate with Fia in the Fortress of Lost Grace. But first of all, it’s best to talk to Dee, the hunter of the dead, so as not to ruin his short quest. He will mention the boatman Tibia, who can be found in the village of summoning waters. The boss must be killed at least once in order for Dee to introduce the player to Gurrank, the Shepherd Beast. The hunter will give the coordinates of the portal to the sanctuary of the beast. After that, Dee will not affect the passage in any way, so you can buy prayers from him (if necessary) and talk with Fia further.

How to complete Fia's quest in Elden Ring and get the normal ending?

In a conversation, Fia will give the player the blessing of the canopy, a debuff that takes 5% of health. To remove it, you need to find this blessing in your inventory, activate it, refresh the world around the fire and continue playing with your normal health level. After you get to the Altus plateau in the story, she will have new lines in the dialogue. She will ask you to find the owner of the dagger.

The dagger must be given to Dee. After that, upgrade the world at the fire and return to the fortress. A little further from the blacksmith Hugh, a new room will open, in which you can see the murdered Dee and Fiya next to him. You can pick up armor from his body – do not put it in the chest, it weighs nothing until it is worn, so let it lie in the inventory until you meet with the twin brother Dee. Roger gives a clue to his location, but even without this, you can stumble upon him when passing through the dungeons of Nokron.

How to complete Fia's quest in Elden Ring and get the normal ending?

Since it’s still a long time before meeting with Fia, it’s worth doing Renny’s quest until the moment when she reveals the place of her death and at the same time allows you to take the mark of death from the body.

How to complete Fia's quest in Elden Ring and get the normal ending?

Once you have the mark, return to Nokron and pass through the lands of the horned shamans until you reach the Siofra Aqueduct. Next to the entrance to the bosses sits the twin Dee, to whom you can give the armor of the twins – and then he will help in the battle with two gargoyle bosses.

Get into the sarcophagus. He will refer the character to the roots of the Erd tree. This is a large location inhabited by knights, gargoyles and ants. We need to go to the very top to the big arena. If you run up to the body of the prince, then a fight will begin with the champions of Fia, the knight Lionel and Roger. After defeating them, grace will appear and the opportunity to talk to Fia again.

Let her hug you and talk. She will ask you to give Rennie’s mark in order to reunite it with Godwin’s mark and collect a whole rune of Death. This item will be important for the ending. After the dialogue, sit by the fire and take the rune from the sleeping Fia. You can climb into a dream to it and fight the lich dragon Fortissax.

After the boss fight, you will return to the arena, where Dee will already be waiting. He’ll kill Fia, start calling names and all that. You can not fight him – anyway, after updating the location, you can take his twin armor back.

When you complete the game, you will be able to activate the ending with the rune of Death. This is a neutral ending, in which everything will return to its place – everyone will be mortal, and the dead will not be resurrected into undead.

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