Deleting accounts in iPhone apps will soon be easier

iOS app makers should allow users to delete accounts directly through their app from the end of June. If people now remove apps, their account will often still remain active. From June 30, that is no longer allowed, Apple says.

To use some iOS apps, users must create an account directly in the app, specifying their email address or phone number. Apple wants users to be able to delete those accounts that have been created directly from the apps. Users who delete an app now often keep that account, even if they no longer use the app. With this, the app maker also has the data of the users. 

The mandatory account cancellation option should be “easy to find” in the app from June 30, Apple says . Deactivating or temporarily disabling an account is not enough. “People should be able to delete the account along with their personal information,” Apple said.

At the end of June, Apple will also implement another measure for app makers. Apps that offer online group events are required to use in-app purchases. An exception is made for apps that offer real-time personal services between two people, such as student tutoring, medical consultations, broker tours or fitness training. Apple allows such apps to use other purchase methods than in-app purchases.

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