What video games stand out when it comes to the best zombie games? Those looking for quality games to play, try the games on this list.

What Are The Best Zombie Games? Best Zombie Games Ever

Building a list of the best zombie games is probably more difficult than listing all the zombie games. From the Resident Evil series to Left 4 Dead, there are many games that need to be added.

Zombie games, which are a subgenre of the survival genre, tend to be popular in general, so you may not know which game you should play among so many. Fortunately, this list can clear any such doubts in your mind.

What Are The Best Zombie Games?

  • Back 4 Blood
  • Dead Space 2
  • left 4 Dead
  • resident Evil
  • The Last of Us
What Are The Best Zombie Games? Best Zombie Games Ever

1. Back 4 Blood

Can you fight a deadly fight in a world full of zombies with a team of 4? The structure of the game, which gets more difficult with each new mission, forces you to work with your team to survive.

If you like the zombie genre, you should not miss this game, which you can play on platforms such as PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, X and S, Windows.

2. Dead Space 2

This game takes place in the space station around Saturn’s moon. To survive, the character must overcome the creatures that stand in his way. The character has many abilities. One of them is the ability to slow down time.

3. Left 4 Dead

When it comes to the best games of the survival genre, it would be impossible not to include Left 4 Dead. Before its release, it didn’t have a big place in the eyes of the players, but after meeting with the players, it was really liked.

In the game, you have to constantly struggle to survive among the zombies until you reach the safe zone.

4. Resident Evil

He played an important role in the popularization of the Resident Evil series with the works he left in both the cinema and video game industry. Although the graphics in the first games of the series are weak due to the limited possibilities of the period, this changes as time progresses and in the new games, it manages to lock the players on the screen in terms of both graphics and horror.

5. The Last of Us

A deadly virus has spread all over the world. People have lost their minds because of the virus and have started to attack people who continue to take care of their consciousness. The game, which takes place some time after the start of this apocalypse, deals with the survival struggle of Ellie and Joel characters.

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