What are the LoL runes, which rune does what? We answered the question that every new player in League of Legends wonders.

LoL runes help the selected champion gain additional abilities and additional power before the match starts. In League of Legends, even a small delay in the movement of the mouse can lead to a huge defeat. That’s why a little extra support is very important. You can get ahead of the opponent with small differences like this.

Now that we know what the runes are for, we can start listing the runes in League of Legends.

Most Popular LoL Runes

  • Accuracy: Resume Attack, Deadly Pace, Quick Feet
  • Domination: Electrify, Predator, Dark Harvest
  • Sorcery: Summon Aery, Magic Star, Enthusiasm of Speed
  • Tenacity: Ghost’s Claw, Aftershock, Guardian
  • Inspiration: Unbridled Spellbook, Glacial Boost, Scavenger

These are the most popular runes in League of Legends. So, how do these runes give the champion an advantage? Let’s take a look at each of them one by one.

What Are LoL Runes, What Are They Good For?

1. Continue the Attack

If you basic hit a champion 3 times in a row, that champion takes bonus damage, takes more damage from all hits for 6 seconds, and becomes vulnerable for a set duration.

2. Deadly Pace

After damaging a champion, the attack speed limit is exceeded, the champion starts hitting faster. It can be said that this rune is a must for AD champions, especially Jinx. This is because these champions need to hit the opponent as many times as possible.

3. Quick the Foot

Attacking and moving builds up energy charges. When 100 stacks are reached, the next hit on the target heals the champion. Along with this, the movement speed is also increased.

4. Give Electricity

Hitting a champion with 3 different attacks or abilities over 3 seconds causes that champion to take bonus damage. It is recommended to use the “Electrify” rune in order to effect the successive abilities of champions like Zed.

5. Predator

Adds an active effect to boots that increases movement speed and deals additional variable damage to the next attack or ability.

6. Black Harvest

When enemies, large minions, or large monsters are killed, spirit essence drops. When you absorb these souls, the next attack will cause the opponent to take additional variable damage based on the number of soul essence absorbed.

7. Summon Aery

If the enemy is attacked, Aery lands on the enemy champion and deals damage to them. Provides shields to teammates when nearby.

8. Magic Star

If the enemy is hit with an ability, it launches a meteor towards that enemy.

9. Enthusiasm for Speed

When you hit an enemy champion with 3 different abilities, or hit the enemy champion 3 times in a row, your movement speed is instantly increased.

10. The Ghost’s Claw

Deals bonus magic damage to a champion every 4 seconds. It also increases the champion’s health.

11. Guard

Protects nearby teammates. When either ally takes damage while their ally is protected, they both gain movement speed.

12. Unbridled Spellbook

Changes summoner spells and reduces cooldown. For example, if you have the ability to leap, you can replace it with healing as the game continues.

13. Glacier Boost

Your first hit on the enemy champion slows them down.

14. The Dealer

The first attack after using an ability grants gold or a once-usable item.

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