Deathloop is a first-person action game developed by Arkane Studios ( Dishonored and Prey ) and published by Bethesda. In the game, you control Colt and need to find a way to break the Blackreef cycle, which makes days repeat themselves. The game has versions for PC and PS5 and, in September 2022, it will also arrive for Xbox. Are you venturing around the island now? So take a look at some basic tips on how to play Deathloop .

How to play Deathloop [Beginners Guide] tips and tricks
How to play Deathloop (Image: Handout/Bethesda)

1. Follow the story until you can save your items

Even on your first time playing, right in the first cycle, the game doesn’t impose restrictions on you to explore as much as you want and experiment with weapons and trinkets (which give special characteristics to Colt and weapons). 

However, just hold your adventurous instinct a little and go through the main quests until you unlock the ability to collect Residium. This material will allow you to infuse weapons, powers, etc. (each item requires a specific amount of Residium). 

This way, Colt will be able to save any infused items at the start of a new cycle (and not lose everything as usual). With the infusion power in hand you will finally start to build your own arsenal and maintain it, which is very important.

2. Try different approaches

Deathloop brings some gameplay similarities with Dishonored and the mechanics of multiple approaches to perform the same action is one of them. It is possible to be more stealthy and wait for the right moment to attack, without attracting the attention of enemies, or go in Rambo mode and solve things quickly.

Experiment with different ways to complete an objective or even take down a target. Switch between styles and see which one best fits your type of gameplay. The cards you get from killing Visionaries can help you hone your approach, as they give Colt almost supernatural abilities.

My tip is this: if, for example, you prefer a more stealthy gameplay, try to first kill a Visionary that gives you an invisibility plate as loot (even if for a few seconds) and upgrade it. This will raise the quality of your strategy considerably.

And speaking of the Visionaries…

How to play Deathloop [Beginners Guide] tips and tricks
Deathloop (Image: Handout/Bethesda)

3. Try to kill the Visionaries stealthily

It’s not that it’s impossible to go up to them on the basis of shooting, punching and bombing. As stated before, you can choose whichever approach you like, but Visionaries are the strongest opponents in the cycles. 

Especially at the beginning of the game, when Colt’s equipment is still very rudimentary, facing a “boss fight” like this head-on can end badly for him. The Visionaries, in addition to having very good weapons, still have specific special powers (because of the skill plates) and always bring an extra little surprise: either traps or several Eternalists to defend them.

That said, as soon as the red icon with a target appears on the map (which indicates that a Visionary is nearby) double your attention to ambushes and nearby enemies. Disarm traps if you can, and clear your path of opponents. That’s because at the first gunfire all nearby Eternalists will run towards you.

Upon arriving at the Visionary, first observe its movement pattern and look for a gap to approach safely. Using the machete to kill them in the back is a good option, or you can hit them in the head with a shotgun to quickly resolve the situation.

4. Hack your way to victory

Once out of hiding for the first time, Colt will be able to equip a device that allows him to hack various electronics, from security cameras to doors and even turrets. Over time, and as you get more powerful weapons, it is possible that you will forget about the gadget, but don’t do that.

Use it to help you create traps. Instead of, for example, trying your luck by facing 20 enemies at the same time, hack turrets and reposition them strategically. It is possible to disable them from a certain distance as well. Additionally, the gadget can be used to disable the antennas, activated by Julianna, that prevent you from escaping to the hideout when she is hunting you.

5. Julianna has invaded your game: get ready!

Julianna makes it clear from the start that she has unfinished business with Colt and will throw it in his face several times. Another thing she’ll do is hunt you down whenever she can, and when that happens, prepare with the best you can. She is always armed to the teeth and with special abilities.

Deathloop (Image: Handout/Bethesda)

Julianna will only invade cycles where a Visionary is present and it won’t always be. The character will appear at a point a little far from Colt, which will give you a brief time to plant traps, hack turrets and so on. To prevent you from trying to escape through the tunnels, she will also block your access to them. So, if you just want to escape, you’ll have to hack one of the antennas that are blocking your exit.

But… If you really have to face Julianna, try to create traps and surprise her in some way. Melee attacks with the machete are pretty effective (if you survive long enough to get close to her) and the famous backstab will save you time. 

Julianna can be controlled by an AI or another player if she has online mode enabled or play with friends mode. You will have the opportunity to control Julianna after finishing the first part of the campaign.

And these were some initial tips for you to try to survive longer in Deathloop , but don’t be sad if you die. It’s part of it (and it will happen a few times in this game).

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