Learn more about the 23 classes available in Black Desert and find out which one is best for your style of play in this MMORPG

All Black Desert Classes [Features and Advantages]

Developed by South Korean studio Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online is an MMORPG with a strong focus on action within an ever-expanding open world. Players can create their characters and go on immersive adventures in both the PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile versions. Learn more about Black Desert ‘s 23 classes and get ready to choose yours.

1. Warrior

All Black Desert Classes [Features and Advantages]
The Warrior is great for beginners (Image: Handout)

In this Black Desert class the focus is on melee battle. The Warrior uses the combination of sword and shield to demonstrate all his balance at the time of battle. In addition, it is an excellent option for those who play alone, as this class can manage very well in 1v1 PvP.

  • Advantages: Well balanced, great for combos
  • Disadvantage: Low mobility

2. Huntress

All Black Desert Classes [Features and Advantages]

The Huntress is a class that demands a little more from the player. By focusing on ranged attacks, her defense level is very low, requiring frequent movement to last in battles. On the other hand, it is possible to deal a massive amount of damage with your blows.

  • Advantages: Excellent mobility, deals a lot of damage
  • Disadvantage: Very low defense

3. Enchantress

All Black Desert Classes [Features and Advantages]
The Enchantress needs a lot of mana potions (Image: Disclosure)

To play the Sorceress class in Black Desert , the player needs to be more familiar with the game’s features. This type of character can attack both from afar and up close, but requires a high level of control to switch between positions. Also, she uses a lot of mana, needing potions often.

  • Advantages: Deals a lot of damage, good adaptation to the battlefield
  • Disadvantages: Need to control the amount of mana, low defense

4. Berserker

All Black Desert Classes [Features and Advantages]
Attack and defense are the advantages of the Berserker (Image: Disclosure)

If you’re looking for a real tank, then the Berserker is an interesting option. Because of its high level of attack and defense, this class in Black Desert is great for taking on multiple enemies at the same time with its two hand weapons. On the other hand, he’s not much of a 1v1 player.

  • Advantages: Massive damage, can take a lot of punch and still knock enemies down
  • Disadvantages: Poor mobility

5. Witch

Black Desert
The Witch is not a good option for 1v1 (Image: Disclosure)

Offering a huge amount of damage with her spells, the Witch is a Black Desert class reminiscent of many other MMORPG-style games. However, she needs to always be one step ahead of her opponents, as the time to cast her spells can be long. If she is not well protected, she can cause a group to be defeated.

  • Advantages: High damage level, great for groups
  • Disadvantages: Slow to cast spells, not good for 1v1

6. Mage

The Mage can be quite offensive (Image: Disclosure)

This character type is very similar to the Witch, but with more offensive spells. Because it also takes a long time to cast their spells, the Mage player needs to prepare with large-scale attacks to buy time and stay in control of the arena.

  • Advantage: High level of large-scale damage
  • Disadvantages: Difficult to control, not good for 1v1

7. Tamer

Black Desert
The Tamer brings a friend into battle in the form of a beast (Image: Handout)

With a high level of movement and evasion, the Black Desert class called Tamer can perform devastating combos while avoiding damage from opponents. She manages to summon a very strong beast to fight that helps her in combat. On the other hand, this class requires a high level of game knowledge on the part of the player.

  • Advantages: High level of damage and combos, can call a teammate into combat
  • Disadvantages: Difficult to master, low defense

8. Valkyrie

Black Desert
The Valkyrie is a real tank (Image: Disclosure)

With a Warrior-like gameplay, Valkyrie stands out with her defense level and her buff and healing abilities. Serving as a tank at the time of battle, this class mixes devastating blows with spells to help the team.

  • Advantages: High defense level, can heal and attack
  • Disadvantages: Low level of movement, need to manage resources all the time

9. Ninja

Black Desert
The Ninja is one of the most demanding classes from the player (Image: Disclosure)

If you like to attack stealthily and up close, Ninja is a good class choice. Perfect for 1v1 combats in PVP, this character can do a lot of damage and still dodge a lot of enemy attacks. Its only problem is its low defense.

  • Advantages: High level of damage and mobility, great for solo players
  • Disadvantage: It takes a lot of time to gain the right levels and skills

10. Kunoichi

The Kunoichi is similar to the Ninja (Image: Disclosure)

Just like its male version, this Black Desert class brings a lot for those who prefer to play alone. Kunoichi can use two types of weapons as secondary weapons, giving the player the chance to surprise their opponents when performing destructive combos.

  • Advantages: Mobility, damage and evasion
  • Disadvantage: It’s hard to master this type of class

11. Muse

For samurai fans, the Musa is a good choice (Image: Handout)

With one of the best moves in the game, the Musa class can approach opponents with enormous speed. His level of attack and combos makes him a killer that opponents don’t want around. On the other hand, his defense isn’t a big deal, requiring him to abuse resources to stay alive for a long time.

  • Advantages: Excellent movement, high damage level
  • Disadvantages: Low defense, high use of in-game resources

12. Maehwa

Maehwa is the counterpart of Musa (Image: Disclosure)

The Black Desert class known as Maehwa is very similar to the Musa class, but has a higher level of defense in its repertoire. Perfect for those who like to play alone and carry out 1v1 PvP battles, this type of character brings powerful combos and good mobility, but their evasion leaves something to be desired.

  • Advantage: Good mobility and damage
  • Disadvantages: Requires more experienced players to master its strategies

13. Fighter

The Fighter is always ready to fight (Image: Disclosure)

This class was made for those who don’t want to take the trouble to learn how to use different weapons, but want to enter the battlefield right away. The Fighter has a high level of damage and defense, functioning as a combo machine. For more experienced players, they end up being obvious targets because of their easy to know moves.

  • Advantage: Combos that deal an excellent level of damage
  • Disadvantage: Predictability

14. Dark Knight

Use your mana skills with this Black Desert class (Image: Disclosure)

The Dark Knight uses her long sword called Kriegsmesser to deal damage to opponents, but suffers because of her low defense and high use of mana potions. Its best feature is focused on the ease of using combos, making it an interesting option for new players.

  • Advantages: Easy to use, good level of combos
  • Disadvantages: Fragility and high mana usage

15. Mystique

Mystique is an excellent choice for new players (Image: Handout)

With balanced levels in all its aspects, Mystique is a Black Desert class made especially for new players. She brings to the battlefield strong combos, satisfying damage and still manages to hold out in the arena for quite a while.

  • Advantages: High level of attack and defense
  • Disadvantage: Your evasion could be better

16. Archer

The Archer allows the use of two weapons at the same time (Image: Disclosure)

If the player manages to stay away from the center of the battle, the Archer can become a true assassin. His ranged attacks deal massive damage, helping team members to finish off the rest of the enemies. Just don’t get into 1v1 combats, as the low defense of this class can get in the way.

  • Advantages: Ranged attacks, high damage level
  • Disadvantage: Low defense

17. Lahn

The Lahn class can float around the arena (Image: Handout)

Using a curious weapon, the Lahn class performs close-range attacks that deal a good amount of damage against several enemies at the same time. In addition, her unique ability allows her to float for a few moments, giving her unique mobility.

  • Advantages: Mobility, high attack and evasion level
  • Disadvantages: Low defense level, always targeted in arena

18. Shai

Stay away from combat with the Shai (Image: Disclosure)

This Black Desert class is made for players who want an experience away from PvP. The Shai don’t have any type of attack to face other players, being an exclusive support class. With them, using skills to heal or buff is key.

  • Advantages: Can perform healing at high levels, is great for gathering materials
  • Disadvantages: It is practically null in 1v1 combat, very low levels of attack and defense

19. Guardian

The Guardian manages to perform good combos (Image: Disclosure)

A class that offers easy combos to perform and a very satisfying damage. The Keeper uses an ax and shield to attack and defend against hordes of enemies. Plus, it’s suitable for just about any situation on the battlefield. Her problem is her low level of mobility, forcing her to stay in the fight until the end.

  • Advantages: Good attack and defense levels, easy to play
  • Disadvantage: Poor mobility

20. Hashashin

Hashashin’s attacks are quite showy (Image: Disclosure)

With fast movement, frantic combos and visually beautiful powers, the Hashashin class brings to the arena a great option for those who enjoy melee combat. This type of character is weaker than the Ninja, but he moves with mastery, being able to control opponents with his blows.

  • Advantages: Combos and mobility
  • Disadvantages: Relatively low defense, requires experience from the player

21. New

Nova can help the team a lot (Image: Disclosure)

For that new player who wants to give his team a boost by holding enemies and taking the most damage, Nova is a good choice. This class has a very high level of defense, being the perfect tank to protect Archers, Mages, Witches and Shais. However, don’t expect evasion or mobility with this class.

  • Advantages: High level of defense and attack options
  • Disadvantage: Poor evasion level

22. Sage

The Sage can perform various control spells (Image: Disclosure)

If you want to play Dr. Stranger on the battlefield of Black Desert Online , then the Sage class is made for you. Using powers to deal damage and at the same time position yourself at ease in the arena, this is a class that requires a lot of knowledge and experience from the player, but manages to bring a lot of fun and dynamism to the game.

  • Advantages: Arena control and good attack level
  • Disadvantages: Low level of defense and difficulty to use

23. Corsair

The water blows of this class are devastating (Image: Disclosure)

Corsair brings pirate style to the battlefield. With flashy combos and unbelievable movement, this class can take on any type of enemy with little difficulty. Unfortunately, it isn’t made for beginners, as its attacks require a very high level of execution on the part of players.

  • Advantages: Mobility and damage
  • Disadvantage: High level of demand and experience on the part of the player

Ufa! 23 very varied classes in Black Desert Online are ready for you to play. What is your favorite class in the game?

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