Brave the seas, overcome the challenges and accumulate all the luck possible to obtain the souls of these islands

Lost Ark: all about island souls and how to get them

Island Souls are among the most important collectibles available in Lost Ark. But to get them, patience and determination will be required!

In Archesia, there are many activities to do outside of the main story. Players can improve and customize their fortress , go hunting for Mokokos or travel the seas of the globe on their ship.

During these trips over the water, players will have the opportunity to cross islands and land on them. These islands are an opportunity to recover a rare and precious object: the island soul. This blue orb that is like the embodiment of the island is such a valuable and coveted reward for heroes, and for good reason.


How to access island souls in Lost Ark?

Unlock your first boat and get others later

As their name suggests, Island Souls can only be obtained on the islands of Archesia . In order to be able to travel to these islands, you need to get your first boat.

To do this, simply follow the main scenario until the end of the Lutéran-Oriental zone. The boat will be the reward of a quest.

Lost Ark: all about island souls and how to get them

But be careful because this boat will only give you access to islands in calm seas . Other islands will be accessible later by following the story but above all by unlocking boats capable of withstanding rough seas.

It is only under these conditions that you will be able to go to the various islands.

Permanent islands and adventure islands

There are two main types of islands that will influence the progress of your collection. The most common are permanent islands . They are accessible at any time and are indicated in white on your map .

Lost Ark: all about island souls and how to get them

The other type of island is the adventure island. These are islands that are only accessible to heroes for a short time (about 10 minutes) before disappearing. Their next appearance is announced at the top left of the screen via a timer system.

In total there are 14 adventure islands. Every day, a rotation of 3 new adventure islands is offered.

Lost Ark: all about island souls and how to get them

The periods of appearance are indicated in their file and it changes according to the islands. Adventure Islands are shown in gray on your map when they are not there and appear in purple when you can land there.

Access conditions required for certain islands

In addition to the two types of islands, some of them are only accessible under certain conditions. For example, a stack can offer an event offered several times a day and not return for several days.

For others, a minimum hi-level may be required as the monsters are very powerful. However, this concerns only part of the islands. The others are accessible all the time without conditions or time constraints.

The different ways to obtain island souls in Lost Ark

In total, there are 93 island souls to collect in Lost Ark . But be aware that the method for obtaining it is not the same for all the islands. In order to bring challenge and original activities, you will have to carry out one of the 6 methods of obtaining island souls.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks are daily quests to be done on the relevant islands . These serve to increase the reputation of the island in question. When the maximum level is reached, you automatically get the island soul.

This system involves doing the island quest between 7 and 20 times. It therefore occupies the player between 7 and 20 days depending on the difficulty of the reputation. The days do not need to be consecutive but be careful because Una’s tasks are subject to limitation.

It is only possible to do 3 daily quests per day and per character . Also, if your main character has already quested an island, doing it again with a secondary character will not earn reputation.

It is therefore more judicious to do quests on different islands to build up several reputations at the same time.

The quest islands

To collect the island symbol for these islands, simply travel to the island in question and do the island quest to unlock it. But special conditions may be required to unlock the quest, such as possessing certain specific objects or having a certain affinity with a character.

The RNG Gring Islands

These islands offer different gameplay and work through a random reward allocation system between all participants present on the island .

Typically, an event or activity takes place on an island such as catching fish, collecting star fragments, or carving ice with a skillet. At the end of the event, there is a chance to obtain the Island Soul as a reward.

RNG Monster Gring Islands

Monster Gring Islands are the same thing as RNG Islands. But unlike a do-it-yourself activity, there is a kill monster that has a chance to drop an island soul as a loot reward. This is the most common island type along with the RNG Gring Islands.

Islands RNG PVP

They are simply PVP islands which, following an event or a competition between the participants, give a chance to obtain an island soul. This is still limited though as there are currently only 5 PVP islands in the game.

The Islands Collection

As the name suggests, Collection Islands involve collecting currency, peaches, or different items specific to the island. Often, it is necessary to collect large quantities of said object and then use them to “buy” the island soul of the island

Pirate Doubloon Islands

The so-called duplicate islands work on the same system as the collection islands . But unlike these, it is possible to get Pirate Doubloons by exchanging them for other Coins at Ports .

You can also get them as rewards from Una’s Stains. However, this currency has a restricted use because it concerns only 2 islands.


A few island souls can be obtained by having a maximum affinity level with a specific character on the island. To obtain it, it will therefore be necessary to interact with the character every day to increase the affinity.

You can give him gifts, play him specific chants, or interact with the NPC through specific emotes . Be careful though because affinity interactions are limited to 4 per day and per account (not per character).

Exchange island souls for rewards

Collecting island souls is one of the longest secondary objectives in the game. But determination pays off.

Indeed, island souls are used to unlock many special rewards . Among these rewards, there are masterpieces, emotes, a mount and a boat appearance, runes or even secret cards. These are used to reach other collectibles in Lost Ark: the Treasures of the Seas.

To exchange these island souls, you will have to go to Orpher, the Lonely Island. There, a statue collects them and an NPC stands right next to it. Talk to him to get the different rewards available depending on the number of souls collected.

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