How Denon fits into your gaming setup

How Denon fits into your gaming setup – Denon won’t necessarily ring a bell with everyone, but it’s a company that has been offering sound products to consumers for years. These products are also highly regarded and as Denon has always maintained this, we still have the opportunity today to enjoy their products in a glorious way. This brand is not only relevant for music or film content: even before the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S appeared on the market, Denon was already taking the new generation of consoles into account. This is to adapt their sound products accordingly. This company takes everything into account and that is why it is worth putting Denon in the spotlight.

It all started in Japan, with an American

now better known as Colombia Music Entertainment Inc. This company continued to grow and in 2002 Denon merged with Marantz to form D&M Holdings. Sound United LLC took over the whole thing again in 2017.

How Denon fits into your gaming setup

With all these past developments, Denon has had quite the impact on history. Due to the recording technology developed through these companies in the early years, the first time after 1945 was that the voice of the Japanese Emperor could be recorded, allowing the people to hear his voice. But there’s more: CD players were released before Sony had the medium, the first THX home setup, the first 5.1 channel hi-fi cinema system and more came from their hands. Denon has delivered quite a few achievements over the years and even in this modern age they continue to come up with products that can be called progressive. For example, in 2018 the first 13.1 channel receiver was released that also supports 8K image output. The Denon AVR-X8500HA was thus practically ‘next-gen’ ready before the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It was also one of the best receivers you could get on the market at all.

Other products

Denon is best known for their receivers. They are in fact one of the better ones you can find on the market and there is a suitable receiver available for every price range and speaker setup. The Denon receivers mainly know how to transfer very neutral sound, almost against the steel, making them extremely suitable for connecting to the most diverse brands of speakers, without getting a distorted reproduction of the sound. But there is more than just receivers that Denon offers. They also have a line of headphones that will please the average audiophile, as well as amplifiers and various other music products, such as turntables and CD players, and sound bars. Whatever’s out there in the way of sound for your home experience, you’ll find it at Denon.

How Denon fits into your gaming setup

Interesting for your gaming setup

Because Denon offers options to get everything out of your setup, the gamer also benefits from taking a look at this. Especially if we look at a few games that support 3D audio or Dolby Atmos, you can achieve such an extensive setup with Denon devices. If you really go for an extreme setup, then with the AVR-8500HA receiver you can provide your entire living room with enough speakers for an extremely immersive experience. It sounds like a nice sales pitch, but in this case nothing could be further from the truth. You just have to dig deep into your pocket, because a premium setup as just described is not cheap (AVR-8500HA receiver costs € 3,999).

Denon offers a lot for everyone

Denon is surely one of the veterans in the field of sound development. Back in the day, a lot was developed by the company, but today they are well positioned in the market by supporting much of the entertainment industry with different types of products. From cinema to the most immersive gaming experience at home, it’s all possible with Denon’s products. And because of their neutral sound signature, the brand is highly regarded by audio enthusiasts. The company is also moving with the times, which was evident in how prepared they were for current-gen consoles. If you are interested in improving your gaming setup, then it is definitely worth taking a look at this brand. And soon you will read more about the Denon 517 soundbar in a review.

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