Meet “The Game”, a tabletop RPG game that started in 1982

Dungeons & Dragons player keeps campaign active for 40 years

The duration of tabletop RPG campaigns can be a few minutes or even many hours, depending on the commitment of who is involved in the story and the data. But sometimes there are those players who take the excitement literally, resulting in extremely long matches.

That’s the case with Robert Wardhaugh , who started a Dungeons & Dragons campaign in 1982 when he was a teenager. And that has not yet been finished, being played to this day. The information is from Wire.

The game has been dubbed “The Game” and is structured with a mix of proprietary and first-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, as well as norm updates over the years with the release of more AD&D books.

Wardhaugh is the master of the campaign, but the group of players is not fixed – after all, it would be very difficult to maintain the same for so many years. To date, “The Game” has featured over 500 characters from 50 different players, and many still return for a match night here and there.

Dungeons & Dragons player keeps campaign active for 40 years
Image: CBC

As for the set-up, Wardhaugh has a special area in his house with a huge and detailed board, which has more than 30,000 hand-painted miniatures.

When asked why he kept the campaign active for 40 years, the master explains that it is basically because of the strong friendship he has with his friends: “As long as I can keep doing this (and I hope it will be for my whole life), I I will not lose my friends”.

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