When does Apex Legends Season 13 start?

Apex Legends is one of the most famous battle royale games loved by fans all over the world. Currently, the developers of the game are looking forward to the global release of the game on mobile gaming platforms. Every quarter, developers bring major updates to the battle royale game introducing new weapons, Legends, and more. Apex Legends’ 12th season, called Defiance, is currently ongoing.

When does the next Season of Apex Legends start?

Even with Season 12 of the battle royale game released a month ago, players are wondering about the next Season’s release date. The current season, Defiance, aired on February 8, 2022. Following the release trend of previous seasons, Apex Legends Season 13 can be predicted to air from May 7 to May 10, 2022 . There may be an anomaly and the broadcast may be delayed, but nothing concrete. announced by the developers to confirm the same.

The hint above can be taken from the Seasonal Battle Pass, which is released with each season. The countdown timer showing the rewards gave a clue as to when the current season will end.

Exciting features in Season 13

When does Apex Legends Season 13 start?

Here are some of the exciting features fans can expect in the next season of Battle Royale:

  • Two new Legends, Blisk and Hawk, may be released in the upcoming update.
  • Two new weapons, Nemesis Burst and Fanatic Energy, may be introduced. The first is an assault rifle while the second is a pistol.
  • Players can expect Firing Range to finally have a much anticipated update in Season 13.
  • Disappointing fans, World’s Edge was removed from the battle royale game in Season 12. Therefore, they can expect it to return in the next update.

NOTE : Season 13’s release date and features are speculation based on leaks that have surfaced online. So far, no official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment has been announced.

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