Minecraft: everything you need to know about frogs and their breeding

Creatures added with Minecraft update 1.9, frogs can be domesticated. If you want to create your breeding, here is how to do it.

Among the many animals that can be raised in the world of Minecraft, aquatic creatures are on the rise. Many players have thus embarked on the hunt for axolotls, for example.

But with the Wild Update, Minecraft update 1.9, a new animal makes its debut in the pixelated lands: the frog.

Minecraft: everything you need to know about frogs and their breeding

Far from being as feared as some other monsters and creatures in Minecraft, the frog will however be very appreciated because it has different colors but above all allows you to obtain a special object .


The life of a frog in the world of Minecraft

The frog is officially the first cold-blooded creature to enter the world of Minecraft . Passive towards players, it can however attack passive mobs. This only affects other animals and not players.

During the Beta phases, an astonishing bug was noticed by some players. They saw frogs eating goats . However, this bug was later corrected, as was the feeding of small batrachians in-game.

Indeed, frogs were originally supposed to eat fireflies. However, the Mojang teams have revised their copy on this subject after discovering that the luminous insects are harmful to frogs in the real world. In the world of Minecraft, they feed on slimes but also small cubes of magma.

Three different species of batrachians

Frogs can be found in swamps as well as mangrove swamps. In general, they live in groups of 2 to 5 individuals .

There are 3 different types of batrachians, recognizable by their color. You can come across brown frogs, green frogs and white frogs in the game. These color differences are not just aesthetic. They indicate in which biome the animal grew up  : temperate biome, tropical biome or tundra.

Minecraft: everything you need to know about frogs and their breeding

The temperate frog (the brown one) can grow in forests, plains and rivers for example. The tropical frog (the white one) can grow in deserts, savannahs, jungles or badlands. Finally, the tundra frog (the green one) grows in frozen or snowy areas as well as in taigas.

A biome with notable influence

The color of the animal and therefore its biome of origin also has an influence on another element: the grelampe (or Froglight in English) that it can create. Finally, the development team clarified that the biome also has an impact on the characteristics of the frogs.

Depending on the environment they grew up in, they will have unique abilities and characteristics. However, these will come later in the game.

Frog Farming in Minecraft

Capture tadpoles and grow them

Currently, there is no method to capture frogs. However, it is possible to capture tadpoles laid by females.

To do this, go in search of an area where frogs live. Then using a bucket , capture the tadpoles. Then take them to a space you have set up for your aquatic creatures. Once the frogs reach adulthood, you can start breeding them.

Take care of a couple of frogs to get new tadpoles

If you have both male and female frogs, having young is very simple. All you have to do is give your batrachians a slimeball to eat. This will automatically switch them to Reproduction mode.

However, the slimeball remains a rare item. You will therefore have to be patient before obtaining one, whether by buying it from a merchant or by dropping it on slimes.

frog eggs

As soon as the female frog is pregnant, she will want to find a quiet place to lay her eggs. So consider creating a space in your pond or aquarium with a water tile with an air bubble just above it.

Once frog eggs are laid, they only take about 30 seconds to mature. The tadpoles then hatch. Be careful though because the young tadpoles are not considered as frogs but as different monsters.

How to get the grelampe with your frogs in Minecraft?

In addition to adding these animals to your collection of tamed creatures , frogs have won over players because of the Froglight also called grelampe. This decorative element can only be obtained with the help of frogs and it won over players with its shiny side and its color variations.

Minecraft: everything you need to know about frogs and their breeding

Obtaining it can be difficult in Survival mode, but in Creative mode, the operation is much easier . If you want to collect froglights, you will need frogs and magma cubes. Be careful because the color of the frog will have an influence on the color of the light block.

First place your frogs where you want them. In order to facilitate the operation it is recommended to place two frogs. Then arrange magma cubes around them and wait quietly.

After a while, the frogs will attack and gobble up the magma cubes. They will then bring down the froglight. All you have to do is install it wherever you want. As for the color of the froglight, it matches the color of the frog that ate the cube. 

The brown frog will give you the ocher froglight (the yellow one). The green frog will give you the green froglight and finally the white frog will give you the pearly froglight (purple and white).

As of this writing, the 1.9 update is still in beta on the test servers. But its arrival on the general servers is close. So if you’re a pixelated explorer looking for new decorations or new animals to tame, get ready because the frogs are ready to pounce!

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