Plenty of new footage has also been released for the remake of the Dead Space game.

The release date of the remake of the Dead Space game has been announced. This horror game will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 27, 2023 . “Developing this remake has been a lot of fun for us at our studio,” said Phillippe Ducharme, senior producer of Dead Space. We are true fans of the series and we want to give it the respect it deserves. It was equally exciting to see the reactions from the players as we took them on this development journey.” said.

Phillippe Ducharme also said that the game has made great progress towards reaching the alpha level and is happy to announce that the game will be released in January 2023. The original game in the Dead Space series follows Isaac Clarke, an ordinary engineer on a routine mission to repair a massive starship, the USG Ishimura. However, a nightmare awaits players living here. The ship’s crew has actually been killed, infected, and Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole, is missing somewhere on the ship.

The developer studio also showed that the game is in early development in several live streams highlighting the improved sound design and visuals . If you remember, EA announced that it was working on the remake of the Dead Space game with a short video in July 2021. Built entirely from the ground up, with the Frostbite engine, it promises to offer an enhanced story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more that may include content cut from the original game and features introduced in the sequels.

Dead Space game remake given release date

EA also showed off the graphical improvements of the Dead Space remake in a new live stream. In a recent livestream, the studio focused on visual enhancements, including improved character models used in the remake, deeper environmental design and visual effects. While the livestream allegedly didn’t reveal any final existence, the studio promised that a first look at some of the completed gameplay would come soon. The live stream began showing two similar scenes from the original game; It was noted that these were redone to show improvements in lighting and visual details.

It is clear from the image that the studio team uses modern techniques to influence the course of the game. Where in the original the scene was quite bright with an uninteresting interior, the window of the remake project came from cold industrial lights.looks much darker with diffused light. Studio; He also underlined that the new lighting system can refract light differently depending on which surface light hits it. That is, raw metal and painted metal will scatter light differently. In the visual effects enhancement episode of the broadcast, the team showed how the visual effects were affected by environmental conditions. For example; Inside the ship, sparks will rain down on players, but when zero gravity is activated, as in a scene outside the ship, sparks will cascade outward.

The studio also showed off how the team reinterpreted the original game’s character models for the remake. The team pointed out that since the ship the player discovered was used by people from all over the galaxy, the team only showed one skin tone of the enemy, but the final game will feature creatures of various skin tones. He also previously discussed the game’s dynamic meat peeling system in a previous livestream. The developer team also confirmed that the Dead Space game will be released for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 27, 2023, and we conveyed this information to you at the very beginning of our news.

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