Updated Switch model brings larger OLED screen, more storage, dock with network cable entry, among other improvements

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is close to officially arriving in Brazil. Last Monday (9), the updated version of the hybrid console was certified by Anatel to be sold in the national territory. The document cites two different versions of the video game, which should be the available color options: neon (blue and red) and white.

Nintendo Switch OLED passes Anatel and can now be sold in Brazil
Nintendo Switch OLED

Unveiled in July 2021, the OLED Switch can only be found in the international market for now. Due to the lack of local stock, import costs and the high dollar, the updated console tends to be much more expensive – in reais – than the traditional model.

Even with Anatel’s approval, there is still no official price forecast for the OLED Switch here, nor an exact release date. It is worth mentioning that, in the US, the newest console costs US$ 350 – US$ 50 (or 14.3%) more expensive than the traditional model, sold at US$ 300.

In Brazil, the classic Switch has a suggested price of R$3,000 , but usually appears in promotions for less than R$2,000.

Applying the same percentage increase of the OLED Switch to the national price of the classic Switch and disregarding possible taxes and exchange rates, we arrive at a possible value of R$3,429 . This amount, however, can be higher or even lower, depending on Nintendo’s wishes.

Nintendo Switch OLED passes Anatel and can now be sold in Brazil
Nintendo Switch OLED homologation certificate at Anatel

Switch OLED updates Nintendo’s hybrid console

The OLED Switch is a hardware upgrade of the classic model. The main difference between the consoles, as the name suggests, is the OLED screen . In addition to displaying images with more vivid colors and greater brightness, the panel is slightly larger: it is 7 inches instead of the 6.2 inches of the previous edition.

Despite the larger screen, the body of the device has not undergone many changes, allowing players to use the same Joy-Cons as the old model. The OLED model also features reinforced back support, audio improvements, more internal storage space — 64 GB instead of 32 GB — and a redesigned dock with a network cable port.

When running games, the Switch OLED performs identically to other versions of the hybrid console both in handheld and TV mode, as it retains the graphics chip and RAM . The battery life also remains the same, being able to last between 4.5 and 9 hours away from the socket.

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