An iconic character back in the next Mass Effect?
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Update May 11, 2022 2:30 PM: Bioware has finally made some clarifications regarding Shepard’s possible return in the upcoming Mass Effect . Michael Gamble, who is a project manager at the studio, clarified that the first description of the lithograph on the online store was just a simple mistake.

Gamble justified this by stating that ”  the original description was written by the people running the store who don’t know the game  .” It remains to be seen whether this is a bluff aimed at covering things up or a real misunderstanding.

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In December 2020, Electronic Arts made the surprising decision to announce a new Mass Effect . And since the broadcast of this first trailer, in other words, official information has been rather meager…

For the moment, Bioware’s attention is mainly focused on Dragon Age 4 (which is also slow to show up). So much so that last February, the Canadian studio declared that the fifth Mass Effect was only at the prototype stage. The production has therefore not really started and the wait will undoubtedly be endless for the fans.


This game is my favorite of the Citadel

The teaser of the one we will call Mass Effect 5 for the moment lifted the veil on the return of an iconic character from the trilogy… It is obviously the asari Liara T’Soni. But it might not come alone, because the description of a lithograph offered for sale by Bioware has come to stir up trouble. Prior to the text change, it read: ”  As Shepard and the survivors must pick up the pieces, fans are wondering what’s next. »

In the meantime, the description has changed to read: ”  The threat of the Reapers may have been removed, but at a high price, including the Earth itself. As the survivors have to pick up the pieces, fans wonder what’s next. Thus, we can assume that Commander Shepard will return in this opus. Case to follow.

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