If games with frantic action and sword fighting are your thing, then check out this list of hack ‘n slash games

Games known as hack ‘n slash feature frantic action and gameplay that make it possible to create and combine combos for even more devastating attacks. Games like “cut and smash” (in free translation) can even be part of other genres. If you like titles that don’t give your opponents peace of mind, then this list of hack ‘n slash games was made for you. Check out.

10 must-have hack ‘n slash games for PC and consoles (Image: Handout/Capcom)

1. Devil May Cry

There’s no way to talk about frenetic action and hack ‘n slash without quoting Capcom’s Devil May Cry . Even having its ups and downs, over the 20 years of the franchise, the saga of Dante and, later, also Nero has five canonical titles and a reboot developed by Ninja Theory, called just DMC

This game even caused a lot of controversy when it was announced because it featured a very different Dante, visually, from what fans were used to. However, the gameplay was still hack ‘n slash. I think it’s worth playing it too. If you want to know the exact order to play the series, according to the story, take a look at this guide .

2. Bayonetta

Many are still waiting for Bayonetta 3 , but the first two titles (the first, in particular) are great hack ‘n slash games and – like Devil May Cry – also have a few hints of acid humor. 

The protagonist, an extremely powerful witch, drew attention when the game was released for her unique and very peculiar look, in addition to “dressing with her own hair” and having the best pairs of high heels that exist: with weapons attached.

3. God of War

The God of War series , despite falling into the action-adventure genre, can also be considered a hack ‘n slash – especially if we look at the gameplay of the franchise’s first games.

With fast gameplay, God of War is simple to learn to play, but like any hack ‘n slash, it takes practice to perfect combos. The franchise is also known for its well-told story, cinematic battles, and hefty soundtrack.

4. Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno may have been overlooked by a lot of people, but it’s a good example for this list and deserves your attention. This hack ‘n slash has the player following (and playing) Dante’s journey on his quest for redemption as he traverses the nine stages of hell.

The game, which is clearly inspired by the first part of the Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri), draws attention to the scenarios of each stage of hell and its inhospitable inhabitants. Some illustrious NPCs can be found along the way too, like Cerberus and even Cleopatra.

5. Darksiders

In Darksiders , the player embodies one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, more precisely War. The protagonist of this first game in the series is betrayed and ends up starting Armageddon ahead of time. Now he must slice and dice angels and demons as he tries to find out who put him in this trap.

The franchise has four games so far: Darksiders (2010), Darksiders II (2012), Darksiders III (2018) and Darksiders Genesis (2019).

6. Hades

Hades is best known for being a roguelike dungeon crawler, but that doesn’t stop him from having hack ‘n slash mechanics as well. Even the quick attacks plus the combos between the weapons and skills available, with each new loop, make the game have a high degree of replay.

Not least, Hades gained a lot of prominence and was toe-to-toe with the great productions of 2020.

7. Heavenly Sword

Developed by Ninja Theory, Heavenly Sword received some criticism for being “too much like God of War “. However, despite not being a masterpiece, the game does have its own glow. 

Exclusive to the PS3, the title has an even faster gameplay than GoW and still has a very chaotic atmosphere. Unfortunately, as there was no more talk about the title, a continuation of the saga of Nariko (the protagonist) is something very unlikely.

8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a very different gameplay focus than what fans of the Metal Gear franchise are used to. Unlike the series’ characteristic stealth, MGR is much more action-oriented and the hack ‘n slash provided by Raiden (the protagonist of the time).

Getting used to combat focused mainly on sword blows (even to clear the environment) is not as simple as it seems, but once you get the hang of it, the game ends up getting interesting.

9. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes 2 is considered by some to be an evolution of the combat mechanics of the first game and brings back Travis Touchdown as the protagonist. The game came as a novelty of the hack ‘n slash genre for the Nintendo Wii, at the time, and pleased most of the platform’s players.

A port of it was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2020, and it can also be found on PC ( Steam ).

10. NieR: Automata

Although Automata is not the first game in the NieR series , it is considered the best and most accessible of them all, even for those who have never played anything in the franchise. In control of YoRHa No. 2 Model B (2B) and 9S, you will use short and long swords, spears and etc in always frantic combat.

The open world of NieR: Automata offers great opportunities to admire the scenarios, always well detailed. When no one is trying to kill you, it’s worth admiring the scenery a bit too.

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