What methods should users who encounter the D3dx9_43.dll error apply? Here are effective solutions!

D3dx9_43.dll error is a very annoying problem faced by most of Windows users. This issue is usually caused by an issue with DirectX. Users can solve the problem encountered by applying various methods.

What Should Be Done to Solve the D3dx9_43.dll Error?

  • restarting the computer
  • Update the graphics card
  • Installing the latest version of DirectX
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the game or program
  • Scan with anti virus
  • Adding the D3dx9_43.dll file
  • update windows
What Should Be Done to Solve the D3dx9_43.dll Error?

1. Restarting the Computer

You can solve the problem that occurs on your computer with Windows operating system by restarting the system. Restarting can fix many issues. After restarting the computer, check if the problem is fixed.

2. Graphics Card Update

An outdated video card can cause many problems. Updating the video card may resolve the dll error you encounter. If you do not know how to update an AMD or Nvidia graphics card , you can take a look at our article on updating the graphics card.

3. Installing Latest Version of DirectX

You can fix the problem you are facing by installing the latest version of DirectX. Most video games come with a DirectX installation file. You can access this file from the games installation file. You can also download and install this file from the internet.

4. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Game or Program

If the methods in the first three items did not solve your problem, there is another method you can apply. The program or game on your computer may not be installed properly and this may lead to a dll error.

To fix this problem, you can delete and reinstall the program or game you are having trouble with. There are multiple ways to implement this method, but the most effective is to use a computer cleaning program .

After completely uninstalling the program or game, reinstall it. After reinstalling, check if the issue is resolved.

5. Scan with Anti Virus

Some malware infecting the system can lead to the said dll error. Scan the system with an anti virus program. If no malware was found during the scan, the source of the problem you encountered may be the antivirus itself.

Antivirus software can sometimes interfere with the system. For this reason, try disabling the antivirus after scanning.

6. Adding the D3dx9_43.dll File

If none of the above methods worked, you can manually add the D3dx9_43.dll file to the system32 folder. It is very important that you download the dll file from a reliable website. You should also be very careful while adding the downloaded file to the system32 folder because if you do something wrong, you may cause some serious problems.

7. Updating Windows

  • Open the settings with “Windows + I”.
  • Click on the “Update & Security” category.
  • Click on “Check for updates”.

If your system is not up to date, you may be exposed to the dll error in question. Click on the “Update & Security” category in the Settings window. By selecting the “Check for updates” option, it will be checked for a new update.

In addition to Windows, it is important that the programs in the system are up-to-date. Therefore, make sure that the program you are having trouble with is up to date.

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