What does the iPhone green dot or orange dot mean? What do these indicators that come with iOS 14 do? We answered these questions.

iPhone Green Dot / Orange Dot What Does It Do?

What does the iPhone green dot / orange dot indicator that comes with iOS 14 do? This point, although very small, has caught the attention of many users. iOS users, wondering what exactly this point does, began to ask such questions.

The dot is right next to the battery indicator. Apple introduced the light in question to users as a security measure. Users can see if they are being watched by looking at the light in question.

Let’s take a closer look at this orange/green dot on iPhones to better understand what it does.

What Do iPhone Green Dots and Orange Dots Mean?

  • Green dot: It means your camera or camera and microphone are used together.
  • Orange dot: It means your microphone is being used.

Released in the past years, iOS 14 started showing a small orange dot at the top corner of the iPhone screen to let users know that their microphone is enabled. The small but noticeable point is located just above the signal bars and next to the battery indicator.

This dot also turns dark green when the camera is activated. This green dot actually tells iPhone users that apps are watching it, or both watching and listening.

iPhone Green Dot / Orange Dot What Does It Do?

If video calls are made through applications such as Zoom and Facebook Messenger, which need camera and audio permissions to work, there is nothing to worry about. If you see the green dot even though you do not use these applications, it means that the applications on your phone are using your camera.

The green light does not appear only when the camera is used. The light turns green even if the camera and microphone are used together.

The new operating system for Apple tablets, iPadOS 14, also applies orange and green light indicators. The light is orange when using the microphone and green when using the camera.

iPhone users can go to the Control Center on their phone to see if an app is using the microphone or camera. Displays a message at the top of the Control Center that can be viewed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to let users know when an app has been used for the last few days.

How to Set iPhone Permissions?

  • Go to “Settings > Privacy” .
  • Press one of the Camera and Microphone options.
  • Identify the apps you want to allow or get permission from.

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