Epic Games won a lawsuit against a cheat dealer

An Australian court found Brandon BlazeFn Despotakis, a Fortnite cheat maker, guilty of violating a user agreement with Epic Games. He was ordered to pay a fine, curtail the business of selling banned programs and accounts, and also make a public apology to the audience of the game.

Epic Games sued BlazeFN in April 2021, but the proceedings took over a year. The user has already stated that he regrets what he did, and asked customers to no longer write to him asking him to provide them with access to cheats. In addition, he shut down an illegally obtained account store with rare skins and V-bucks, which used the intellectual property of Epic Games in the design.

BlazeFN will have to pay the developers of Fortnite a certain amount, which the parties did not disclose. It is noted that the funds will be donated to charity – the Child’s Play Foundation, which helps children and adolescents in hospitals around the world. 

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