The upcoming special character for Apex Legends Mobile will be called Fade.

According to a new report by Tom Henderson , Apex Legends Mobile will debut on May 17, 2022 with a special character. The special character, named Fade, is also known as the Phasing Punisher and will only appear in Apex Legends Mobile; It will not be added to the main game on PC and consoles. We will also receive the official announcement of the game’s release date this week. In this release, 10 different characters, a game experience completely prepared for mobile platforms, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps, ranked-competitive game mode and game modes prepared only for mobile platforms will take their place in this work.

Apex Legends Mobile will launch with a special character on May 17, 2022

In addition to all these details, it was learned that with the 10th character being exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile, the remaining nine different characters will be added from the original Apex Legends game. To reiterate, the special character in question is called Fade and is also known as the Phasing Punisher. This character’s passive ability is Slipstream, which allows the character to gain a short movement speed boost at the end of the swipe. The tactical ability, on the other hand, is called Flash Back, and it allows you to go back to where you were a while ago through the Void . The ultimate ability is called Phase Chamber. With Phase Chamber, you can release a cage to send all the characters in range into the Void.

Submitted images of the character named Fade show a soldier in red and silver armor with gold accents. His mask somewhat resembles a skull (with red armor on his forehead and cheeks), and while this description seems to suggest that the character looks like an Apex Legends artifact, Fade looks quite different. According to comments by Tom Henderson, Fade is almost certainly human and has some unique traits in his armor, one can only assume that these traits are linked to his Void abilities. We are expected to get more insight into the background of the Fade character in the coming days.

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