With the arrival of FIFA 22 to PS Plus, MeuPS brings five tips to do well in the simulator

Tips and tricks for the ultimate team to do well in FIFA 22

The PlayStation Plus of May 2022 had FIFA 22 as one of the pleasant surprises of the line-up. Competitor of the now free eFootball 2022 , the game could be quite a novelty for those who are returning to the virtual fields. With that in mind, the MeuPlayStation team decided to help.

The FIFA series has evolved a lot and depending on when people last visited the simulator, the gameplay should present some surprises. From defense to offense, knowing how to handle certain situations in different matches and game modes is important.

Tips and tricks for the ultimate team to do well in FIFA 22

Below, we have gathered important tips for your gameplay. Whether having fun alone or with your friends, FIFA 22 delivers options capable of entertaining football lovers for hours.

Tips for doing well in FIFA 22

play as a team

EA Sports has brought an interesting feature to FIFA 22. In addition to individual motion capture where virtual athletes end up receiving an AI to present a more human behavior during matches, the developers have expanded the action to the 11 on the field.

Tips and tricks for the ultimate team to do well in FIFA 22

That way, when you face online matches or in career mode, pay attention to how your team plays. Their men will occupy spaces, will express themselves asking for deeper passes and, as a team, will make it clear how they intend to reach the opposing goal.

On the attack, dose on the run

Leaving too thirsty to score a goal can get in the way of getting the best out of your athletes. When your virtual aces are shooting with the ball dominated, avoid trying to do everything with the run button pressed.

Tips and tricks for the ultimate team to do well in FIFA 22

Following this tip, it is unlikely that your team will hand over possession for silly mistakes in the past. Thus, it is also possible to take advantage of more opportunities to dribble past defenders. In short, prioritize passes, find spaces and run up at the right time.

Take it easy on defense, player

The defense has undergone changes and the attacks to regain possession of the ball are different. Longer pressing on the cart button, or pressing it quickly, changes your athlete’s recovery to get up and continue play, for example.

Therefore, try to zoning your opponent when he is in possession of the ball. Pressing L2 and controlling players manually and hitting the right time is much better than just pressing “X” and waiting for your team to regain dominance.

It is possible to assemble a respect team in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team offers a series of options for the community to assemble their dream team and play online matches towards the best rankings. Believe me, it is possible to assemble a competitive team without the need to invest real money.

Tips and tricks for the ultimate team to do well in FIFA 22

In addition to the free packs offered by Amazon Prime Gaming, there is a session called Squad Building Challenges. There, challenges to spend those accumulated cards can deliver powerful cards to strengthen your squad.

It is also possible to secure packs as progress on season objectives is accomplished. Cards with an overall rating of 85-90 are offered according to the level reached in the season. That way, just spend a little time and pursue the victories in Division Rivals to succeed.

How to play with 11 friends in FIFA 22

FIFA 22’s co-op modes may not support all the people you usually invite to play games. If your gang is a PS Plus subscriber and they’ve redeemed the simulator, it’s a good idea to check out the Pro Clubs mode.

There, each of the players chooses a position and edits the avatar to move up the division. Everything is editable, so you and your teammates can customize the uniform, team name, choose the stadiums offered by the game and even the squad nomenclature in the narration.

To get the best out of this mode, try to communicate a lot and distribute your PRO points in the best possible way. Prioritizing the physical at the beginning of your player’s development is not a bad idea, especially if your teammates are collective in the construction of plays.

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