After almost a year without news, Resident Evil spin-off may have a release date announced soon

Resident Evil

Age rating agency PEGI listed Resident Evil Re:Verse for Google Stadia last Saturday (7th). The update comes a year after the PS4 , Xbox One and PC listing, something that could indicate more news about the multiplayer spin-off coming soon.

Scheduled for July 2021, Re:Verse was delayed to 2022 after Capcom ‘s determination , with the intention of improving the gameplay system and improving other technical details. Now, the game is back to attracting attention on the web and may have a release date in the coming weeks, with the listings of the respective platforms already available on the PEGI website.

So far, Capcom has not commented on the update. Thus, it remains to wait for official news about the title.

Learn more about Resident Evil Re:Verse

Read the description of Resident Evil Re:Verse below (via the official website) :

In Resident Evil Re:Verse you can test your skills against other players in four to six person deathmatch battles. Play as beloved characters from the Resident Evil series and turn the tide of battle with powerful bioweapons.
Participate in 5-minute playoffs, where the player with the most points wins! Use the weapons and items you find to defeat even more powerful enemies!

Is the multiplayer title finally coming? What are your expectations for Re:Verse? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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