The PS4 game is not showing up on the PS5’s PS Store; learn how to redeem it!


PS Plus subscribers have received FIFA 22 as one of May’s monthly games, but PS5 players may not be able to claim the “full package”. As the EA Sports title does not have crossplay with PS4, it is necessary to download the last generation version to have fun with friends who own the console. The problem is that it does not appear in the PS Store of the PlayStation 5.

When entering the store via PS5 and searching for PS Plus offers, only the edition referring to the next-gen video game is presented. To add the PS4 port to the library, it is necessary to search through a web browser.

(Source: PlayStation Store)

So, just search for FIFA 22 on the PS Store (via browser) to find it. Then, just click “Add to Library” and you’re done! Just log into your PS5 and access your game collection, where you can download and play with your teammates who are not on the current generation.

If you’re having trouble finding the game, here’s the link:


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