Expansion will have new scenario, additional characters and many customization options

OlliOlli World's First DLC, Void Riders Will Take Skateboarders into Space

Developer Roll7 announced last Thursday (5th), the first content expansion for OlliOlli World . With an all-new biome, new aliens, customization options, and more characters, the DLC will launch this summer — between June and August — for PS4 and PS5 , with a date to be revealed at a later date.

The Void Riders expansion will be set in a cosmic universe and will feature visits from extraterrestrials, spaceships in the background art and a satirical landscape of Area 51. During levels, players will be able to explore more challenging gameplay mechanics as they go beyond the levels. reality and perform “crazy things” on ramps and rails.

The new biome will offer additional and themed customization options, with the possibility to move between three-dimensional planes and go through many unique levels. However, above all the news, the expansion will open up more details of the story and will feature the participation of never-before-seen characters, including the mysterious Nebulord, villains and fellow racers.

Void Riders will be the first part of a set of scheduled DLCs. The content is available for pre-purchase via Rad Edition or individually for $15, both in digital stores.

OlliOlli World: is it worth it?

With fun mechanics and addictive challenges, OlliOlli World combines cartoon graphics with 3D characters to deliver nice, minimalist visual detail. Clickhere to check out everything about the game and the full coverage that MeuPlayStation published, at the invitation of the publisher Private Division.

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