New to Far Cry 6? See 6 tips on how to survive in Yara

If you’re just starting to explore the island of Yara in Far Cry 6 , it’s good to follow some tips to do well in the fight against Antón Castillo. The open world full of possibilities puts both veterans and newcomers at ease, but it’s important to keep in mind how to deal with the new features and mechanics implemented.

This guide will present ways for Dani Rojas to become a real threat to her enemies. Whether with “Friends”, skills, or equipment pre-configured correctly before entering combat.

Change the frequency of shots

New to Far Cry 6? See 6 tips on how to survive in Yara

Assault rifles and shotguns have a predictable rate of fire, but certain weapons in Far Cry 6 allow you to change the number of shots with each pull of the trigger. This makes things pretty easy to deal with challenges.

In the equipment tab, select the desired weapon. You will see, in the center of the screen, if there is a possibility to press square to change the rate of fire. Test the toy and leave it according to your preference.

Weapons have special abilities

New to Far Cry 6? See 6 tips on how to survive in Yara

Far Cry 6’s new weapons contain very advantageous abilities for combat. It is possible to rain missiles with a special backpack and there is even a flamethrower among the available options.

The “Resolver” and “Supreme” classes can be created by bringing resources found across the map to Juan, at the main base, and as you progress through the story, more alternatives, even more powerful compared to the initials, will be part of your arsenal.

Don’t Forget Friends

New to Far Cry 6? See 6 tips on how to survive in Yara

Your “Friends”, the tamable animals from Far Cry 6, are great for dealing with a lot of enemies at once. His skills evolve as you use them on your adventure through Yara. To find out how to get each one of them, we have prepared a guide to help you .

Follow the smoke signals on the map

Did you see orange smoke on the horizon? Get there fast, it’s a supply box. If you find her randomly around the map, chances are you’re lucky not to face enemies. However, if you have been informed about the box previously (through an NPC or tickets scattered throughout the game), prepare for combat .

Talk to all NPCs

Discovering the new areas of Yara will come naturally. Be sure to chat with the NPCs after the quests are over and check the game’s sidequests. There are valuable mysteries that only these characters are able to help discover, especially by providing more weaponry.

set up your camp

Far Cry 6 tips

After arriving at Fazenda Montero, your first camp will be set up. Having your own base adds many interesting features to Far Cry 6’s gameplay. Special spots to observe enemy movement, fast travel, create meals with temporary perks and even increase your army of revolutionaries.

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