The Tainted can face six different fates based on their decision-making throughout the adventure.

Learn what it takes to activate each Elden Ring ending

FromSoftware has prepared a series of surprises for the end of Elden Ring , and players can find up to six branches when completing the RPG. Each of the decisions made along the journey impact the concluding moments of the narrative. 

With that in mind, the MeuPS team created an article to help our readers reach each of the closures. Be aware of the presence of spoilers, as, obviously, we will have to deliver important information about the outcome of the work when we explain the steps.

Learn what it takes to activate each Elden Ring ending

Each Elden Ring ending can be activated either near the final fights, or when interacting with NPCs during your stay in the Midlands. See what it takes to get each one below:

How to access each ending of Elden Ring

For the Tainted to make it to the end of Elden Ring, they will need to go through basically the same obstacles as everyone else. Depending on which runes were used and how the Pristine Ring is repaired after talking to Marika, the world will have different fates.

Learn what it takes to activate each Elden Ring ending

Lord Pristine, the “Age of Fracture”

This is the main ending of Elden Ring. It is unlocked after completing all main quests, defeating the Pristine Beast, and touching the Pristine Ring shards. By choosing the “Repair the Pristine Ring” option, the Age of Fracture will begin.

Lord Pristine, the “Twilight Age”

Rather than choosing to repair the Pristine Ring, the Tainted can use the Prince of Death’s Reparating Rune to shape the fate of the world. It is obtained by following a series of quests given by Fia, who is found in the Round Table.

Upon activating the rune, the Age of Twilight begins and the Midlands will be engulfed in mist.

Lord Pristine, the “Blessing of Despair”

As with the Twilight option, simply choose the option to use the Defeated Curse Repair Rune. It can be obtained after collecting five Curses from the Alfobre and delivering them to the Manure Eater in the sewers.

With it, the Midlands will suffer from the “curse” of the Blessing of Despair .

Lord Pristine, the “Age of Order”

To unlock the Repair Rune of Perfect Order , players need to speak to the Golden Mask — interestingly, he won’t say anything — and talk to Brother Corhyn. Just reveal the character’s whereabouts and return to the place where you found him.

From there, follow the instructions given by the NPCs and earn the item. Now, just activate the option after interacting with the Pristine Ring and repairing it with the rune. So this ending to Elden Ring will feature restored order in the Midlands.

Frenzied Flame Lord

After eliminating the Pristine Beast, head back to Leyndell and go down to the sewers — the entrance is near where Farum Azula’s boss was killed. A different version of Mogh the Lord will need to be defeated.

From here, it is not possible to change endings ! Behind him is a secret passage. Access it and proceed to the bottom. Upon reaching the burnt-out door, the Tainted must remove his armor to open it.

After being scarred by fire, just go to the fragments of the Pristine Ring to watch the Lord of Frenzied Flames end. It is only possible to reverse this Elden Ring ending if you have Miquella’s Needle and use it on Farum Azula’s Ruin, before repairing the ring.

If this flame is inherited before reaching the Forge of the Giants, an animation is shown, with Melina without the mark on her left eye devoting herself to delivering “Destined Death” to the Tainted – and being less than pleased with the conflict resolution.

The Age of Stars

The end of Elden Ring where things get less chaotic is the Star Age. Instead of interacting with the ring this time, the Tainted must summon Ranni the Witch. There, she will replace the Marika influence of the Golden Order and the Pristine Ring to usher in the Age of Stars .

Ranni the Witch (Source: Eurogamer)

With this action, Ranni will go on a 1000 year journey with the Tainted. She believes that if order must exist, it better be seen, touched, or even believed in. Thus, it allows all beings to search for their own destiny.

In this way, she frees the Midlands.

Get to the end of Elden Ring faster with these tips

To make your search for Lord Pristine even easier, the MeuPS team has separated some tips. With them, you will arrive even more prepared for the end of Elden Ring.

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