Horizon Forbidden West: the best skills for the beginning of the game

To help Aloy on her arduous path through the Forbidden West, Horizon Forbidden West has more than 160 unique skills, spread across six trees that allow you to explore different approaches to gameplay. Thus, starting by choosing the best skills is fundamental to the challenges of the beginning of the game.

With that in mind, MeuPlayStation prepared a special article to clarify how the upgrade system works in Horizon Forbidden West. Find out all about the new RPG style below so you don’t waste your skill points and get it right as soon as possible.

How the tree system in Horizon Forbidden West works

Skill trees have been revamped compared to Horizon Zero Dawn , and it is now possible to combine them with equipment, modifiers, and the Bravery Boost, a tiered resource capable of strengthening attack power. So players can adjust to their gameplay preferences and decide how they want to improve Aloy’s attributes in specific ways.

Horizon Forbidden West: the best skills for the beginning of the game
Screenshot of Horizon Forbidden West

Discover the game trees below and see how they influence the style of play.

  • Warrior — improves melee combat with melee weapons
  • Ambush — improves damage from single-use items and tools
  • Survivor — optimizes item usage and improves HP management
  • Sapper — enhances Aloy ‘s stealth quality
  • Huntress — powers bow and arrow attacks and other ranged tools
  • Machinist — facilitates machine mastery, including hack speed and compatibility

The best starting skills

In Horizon Forbidden West, managing skill points, especially early in the game, is the best way to acquire upgrades to make it easier to enter first bases and fight less challenging machines. Planning to combine elements with focus, health, and stealth — Aloy’s core foundations — results in better experiences in the long run.

At the start of the campaign, skills will only cost one point to unlock. As you progress, you will have to spend even more on new skills, requiring Aloy to be well prepared to be able to accumulate points and survive in unexpected situations.

Horizon Forbidden West: the best skills for the beginning of the game
Screenshot of Horizon Forbidden West

Find out below how to spend your first ten points on the best skills:

  • Potent Medicine: Medicine items provide more healing and recover HP faster
  • Silent Attack+: Silent Attack deals more damage
  • Ranged Attack Stealth+: Deals more tile dismantling damage while stealthed
  • Resonator Blast: Powers up targets with melee damage, then explodes with a ranged weapon for massive damage.
  • Concentration+: Increases the concentration limit
  • Break Block: Break a human enemy’s guard (R1-R1-R2)
  • Quick Ambush: Place traps faster
  • Low Life Regen: Increases damage resistance when in critical health (down 25%)
  • Full Concentration: Concentration wears out more slowly
  • Concentration Regeneration: regains concentration faster

This suggested build allows the player to always have some HP boost, whether in healing or damage resistance to a greater degree. In addition, focusing on concentration helps with more accurate combat, making it easier to break pieces, use binding tools, and more intuitive reactions.

Horizon Forbidden West’s setting favors stealth approaches. Hiding in tall grasses, climbing places with good visibility, and knowing your surroundings are all actions that require a good stealth build. Thus, making traps quickly and placing them silently after understanding the enemy’s route allows for a higher success rate even during more complicated missions.

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