Get ready to discover the must-have attack gear and get the campaign off to a good start

With the ability to combine many builds and classes, Elden Ring offers a true open world experience capable of catering to different playstyles. However, taking advantage of resources and equipment doesn’t make life easy, so choosing the best weapons is an essential process for surviving in the Midlands.

Thinking about the freedom of exploration and the need to start well in the RPG, MeuPS selected the ideal weapons to be acquired in the first hours of the campaign. Check out the suggestions and their respective locations on the maps below.

twin blades

Twin Blades are powerful polearms intended for dexterity builds. To wield the equipment and take advantage of its fast attack patterns — especially in one-handed mode — with high damage potential, 18 points of Dexterity are required.

Elden Ring: the best weapons for the beginning of the game and how to find them
Screenshot of Elden Ring

To retrieve the blades, head your horse to the Dragonburned Ruins and find the underground area known as the Stranded Cemetery. It is worth remembering that a powerful boss should appear in this area, but it is not necessary to defeat him.


The Reduvia is a stylish bloody dagger that scales well with Strength and Dexterity. Despite its limited range, its speed and damage dealt in a row are interesting traits for paced players. It takes 13 Dexterity points and 13 Arcane points to carry it.

Elden Ring: the best weapons for the beginning of the game and how to find them
Screenshot of Elden Ring

The dagger is easily found after using the horse while exploring the center of Limgrave, more specifically at the northeast end of Lake Agheel. However, it is recommended to call for help at this point, as the mandatory battle against the invading Bloodfinger Nerijus will not be easy.

Grande Épée

Inspired by the classic Dark Souls rapiers , the Grand Épée is an Estoc-style weapon with an additional long-range physical attack, combining defense and counter commands. The balanced gear requires 15 Strength and 16 Dexterity and can easily be implemented in long-term builds.

Elden Ring: the best weapons for the beginning of the game and how to find them
Screenshot of Elden Ring

The Grande Épée is in an enemy camp chest, south of Limgrave and east of Forlorn Evergaol. A more stealthy approach to defeating the local creatures is recommended, as the infiltration path is relatively easy.

big ax

Ideal for builders of strength builds, the Machado Grande is a robust weapon characterized by high damage, resulting in multiple hit kills. Despite the weight and status requirement — 30 points of Strength — the item is worth the investment and is imbued with a Weapon Art worthy of the barbarians.

Elden Ring: the best weapons for the beginning of the game and how to find them
Screenshot of Elden Ring

The ax can be located east of the Gatefront Ruins, protected in a chest by two chained giants crossing a bridge. To retrieve the weapon, it is necessary to stop the carriage, either by destroying the creatures’ chains or by immobilizing at least one of the drivers.


The Flail is a weapon of strength and dexterity that draws attention by causing passive blood loss on enemies. These effects cannot be avoided by opponents and suffer the addition of massive critical damage. The weapon requires 10 points of Strength and 18 points of Dexterity.

elden ring map

Easily obtained at the beginning of the game, the Flail is hidden nearby in a location of Grace in the Ruins of Gatefront. Once there, he confronts all the soldiers in the camp and looks for an abandoned carriage. The chest is just behind the vehicle.


The classic samurai weapon Uchigatana is a versatile katana that matches all Elden Ring classes. Scalable with strength (11) and dexterity (15), the sword destroys foes with swift slashes, utilizing slashing attacks capable of causing bleeding.

Screenshot of Elden Ring

The sword is in the Deathtouched Catacombs, more precisely in its central area. Here, you must hit a secret wall, climb the stairs that appear and explore until you reach a small hallway. The Uchigatana will be represented by a luminous dot on top of a body.

Hand Ballista

The Hand Ballista is incredibly easy to obtain early in the game and can help many players who struggle with melee combat. Effective in builds with 30 Strength and 14 Dexterity, the equipment is ideal for quickly unbalancing enemies and breaking their stances, combining with swords for immediate attacks.

Screenshot of Elden Ring

The weapon can be found in the Watchtower located in the forest west of the Bridge of Sacrifices. Just climb to the top of the structure and rescue Ballista.

Staff of the Demi-Human Queen

Especially used for casting spells, the Staff of the Demi-Human Queen is the best starting weapon for mages. It requires 6 points of Strength and 10 of Intelligence, allowing for quick handling of powerful spells and a good adaptation even for newcomers to the class.

Screenshot of Elden Ring

The staff is available in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins, an area located north of the Choro Peninsula. There, it is necessary to face a powerful creature and its minions. Upon defeating them, recover the loot left by the enemies and look for the weapon among them.

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