8 special tips for you to extract “max power” from your PS4

Whether you’re a brand new PlayStation 4 earner/buyer, or a long-time owner, you’re sure to always be looking to get the most out of your console. Getting the most out of your PS4 means being able to use it to enjoy everything it has to offer, and then some.

But do you know how much your console has to offer, in general terms? Trust me, you may have missed some interesting features and not even realized it. So today we bring you this very special special.

Check out 8 tips on how to get the most out of your PS4 here.

Keep an eye out for promotions

This may sound like propaganda. We know that in times of crisis, buying games can be more complicated. But Sony constantly launches promotions on games, with discounts that go up to 80%. In certain promotions, the discount is even greater if you are a Plus subscriber.

So it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on our website for updates on promotions. 

In addition, you also have the official My Discounts page (sponsored link), to know first-hand the best promotions in physical games, accessories, and a spade of other things in the Gamer universe.

Automatic game update and save upload (requires PSPlus)

If there’s one thing gamers hate, it’s starting that long-awaited game, only to find that it has 45+ GB updates to perform before you can play online. For those who subscribe to PS Plus, it is possible to dodge this nightmare in a very simple way.

Go to Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Set Available Features in Rest Mode . Select Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable option to Connect PS4 from Network.  Then go to Settings -> System -> Automatic Downloads , and select what you want to download automatically.

Choose a day of the week, and put your PS4 in sleep mode (hold PS button -> Power -> Enter Sleep Mode) first thing in the morning, or before bed. Upon returning, all games should be up to date.

It is also possible to automatically upload all your saves. First, your account must be the console master. Then, in Settings -> Application Saved Data Management -> Automatic Upload , enable the Enable automatic upload option. You can choose which saves you want to upload to the cloud.

Increase your storage capacity

With games exceeding 100GB, and updates easily exceeding 50GB, even the latest models with 1 TERA storage have proven to be insufficient. With the advent of using external hard drives, this is an easily solvable problem .

The ideal is an external HD of at least 2 TERA. And if you have doubts about this peripheral, Meu PS4 has two very interesting articles about it:

Indispensable peripherals

You just bought your new PS4, and you don’t think about (or have no way of) making new expenses. But you might want to consider purchasing two peripherals that are considered to be very important – a USB HUB and a charging station.

A USB HUB allows you to expand the number of ports available for use, in addition to the two on the console. With the charging station, it is possible to leave your spare controllers charging, while enjoying the game with an already charged one.

Customize your console

There are numerous themes available on PSN, for all tastes. But if you want something more personal, you can make the PS4 your own, from simple things like wallpaper, to the latest feature to change your ID online. My PS4 has already posted several tutorials here, but it never hurts to remember how:

  • Insert custom themes
  • Create custom wallpapers
  • Create sub-accounts for minors
  • Change your PSN login email
  • Change your PSN Online ID

Use standby mode efficiently

Standby mode (or energy saving mode) is for much more than being able to restart a game where you left off. Here’s what you can do, in addition to updates and automatic save uploads:

  • Automatic system update – The system can be updated automatically during sleep mode, thus avoiding that unpleasant surprise when you turn on your console and realize that an update needs to be done;
  • Download games – That giant game can be downloaded faster in standby mode, as the PS4 does not use other resources in this mode;
  • Download Content Remotely – If you are away from home, and your PS4 is already in standby mode, you can initiate content downloads remotely. Just go to what you want to download from the PS Store, via the app or browser, and select “Download from my PS4”. You can still access the list of purchased products, and select the ones you want to download remotely, by clicking on “Download to my PS4” next to each one.
  • Charge controllers – You can also leave your controllers charging while in standby mode. You can even customize how long you want your controls to load;
8 special tips for you to extract “max power” from your PS4
Download content while you’re away from home, so you can enjoy it right away when you arrive. Source: PS4

These features need to be enabled. For this, check the tip above for game update and automatic save upload.

PlayStation apps are your friends

There are two applications that you must have installed on your smartphone to better use your PS4: the PS APP and PS Messages. With the former, you can manage all aspects of your account remotely.

Also, when connecting to your PS4 (on the same Wi-Fi network), you can use it as a second screen, or to type into your console when prompted. No more selecting letter by letter again!

PS Messages allows you to communicate with your friends, wherever you are, at any time. Certainly a hand on the wheel when booking that gameplay for later.

Use RemotePlay

This one is for those who live in houses with only one TV. You can use the Remote Play feature to play games while other people are using the TV. Knowing the importance of this feature, Meu PS4 has already released a cool tutorial on how to configure Remote Play – go here .

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