The Hype Train is a great event where members can support their favorite streamer. The community is challenged to reach the highest level of emotion and rewarded for supporting the stream. The Hype Train is triggered when the support for different viewers on the channel (in the form of subscriptions or beat usage) exceeds the level set by the streamer. This starts a countdown during which all members earn emotes as a reward for supporting the channel.

How to enter the hype train as a spectator

A single spectator cannot launch the Hype Train alone. The support needed to run an event must come from several different audiences.

A Hype Train is triggered when there is a momentary jump in the usage of beats and new subscriptions from different viewers on the channel. Once launched, all chat participants can help fill the emote gauge by using beats, subscribing, and giving out subs as a gift.

Messages worth at least 100 bits are counted.

After launching the Hype Train, there is a waiting period before starting the next action. The streamer sets the duration of the waiting period in the channel settings.

How to become a member of HypeVoz

Once Hype Train is launched, viewers can participate, subscribe, share on Twitch Prime, renew subscriptions, give subscriptions as gifts, and/or use beats.

All cheers are included in the hype meter during the event, but a total of at least 100 bits is required to receive emotes.

Hype Train and Hype Meter Levels

During the Hype Train launch, all channel members can participate by subscribing, donating gifts from the community, and/or using bits to fill the meter. If the gauge fills up within 5 minutes of triggering, the event advances to the next level, the timer resets, and a new, higher indicator level target is displayed. If the first goal is not reached, the train leaves and no rewards are given. You must wait until next time!

How to check if Hype Train is active

As long as Hype Train is active on the channel, you will see a notification at the top of the chat where you will find all the details of the current event. These include the remaining time, the filling of the indicator and the level of the Hype Train.

Using the Hype Train and Hype Meter on a Twitch Channel

If you want to know more, you can expand the map and get more information.

Setting up and managing a Hype Train

Switching the Hype Train on and off

To disable or enable the Hype Train, go to Partner/Affiliate → Hype Train.

Using the Hype Train and Hype Meter on a Twitch Channel

Next to the Enable Hype Train option is a toggle to enable or disable the event during the broadcast.

Initial Threshold

To change the threshold value for launching the Hype Train, you need to go to the settings Affiliate / CompanionHype Train .

Set the trigger threshold using the slider. Choose from 3 to 25 events.

Support has to come from different audiences – that’s the only way to get Hype Train up and running.

Hype Train Level Goals

To change the difficulty level of the “Hype Train” event on the channel, go to the settings Affiliate / CompanionHype Train .

In the Level Objectives section, you will see a drop-down menu where you can select the difficulty level of the objective. Five levels are available: easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane.

Using the Hype Train and Hype Meter on a Twitch Channel

Hype train waiting time

To change the waiting period between Hype Train events, you need to go to the settings section Partner/CompanionHype Train .

In the Wait Time section, you will find a drop-down menu where you can select the amount of time that must elapse before the next Hype Train can be started. This period can be set in hourly intervals from 1 to 8 hours.

Hype train optimization

Here are tips on how to get the most out of Hype Train on your channel.

Event starts too often

If the Hype Train starts too often, it may stop being exciting for spectators.

If you get the impression that the Hype Train is interfering with the channel or the excitement of the event is fading, consider extending the waiting period or increasing the starting threshold. You can also apply both of these solutions.

Hype Train is too rare

If you’re under the impression that the Hype Train happens too infrequently on your channel, you can reduce the wait time, lower the trigger threshold, or use both.

Hype Train levels quickly ended

If the levels end too quickly, some spectators may miss out on the event.

If you want Hype Train levels to last longer, increase the difficulty of the event.

Hype Train levels don’t end

If viewers regularly fail to complete Hype Train levels, it may prevent them from continuing to try. In this case, you should lower the difficulty level.

Hype Train is not as fun on long streams

If the hype train often starts in long broadcasts, it can get tiresome for viewers.

In this situation, consider extending the waiting time.

Emoji and Hype Train Names

Hype Train participants will be rewarded for leveling up.


Each hype train level includes a set of five wagon emoticons.

Using the Hype Train and Hype Meter on a Twitch Channel

* Bonus emojis are available to members if streamers set Hype Train difficulty to the highest.

These emojis will be provided to participants based on the number of levels completed during the Hype Train. One of the five emoticons of the last level will be randomly distributed to each participant. Viewers don’t get duplicate emojis, so if someone unlocks all the emojis from a level, they’ll get one of the lower levels.

Participating viewers can receive 1 emoji for each Hype Train event. Participants who have collected all emotes from the current level and from all lower levels will receive nothing .

The full set of emoji will be regularly replaced with a new theme so you can collect new rewards. When changing the set, participants will be able to save the most frequently used emoji from previous series.

Hyip leaders

The viewers who transmit the most beats and subscriptions will be called hype shakers on the drop-down card. Another viewer can get this status by giving more subscriptions as a gift or using more beats.

Both positions can be occupied by one participant.

Hype train icons

At the end of the Hype Train, the leaders will receive a unique badge in the chat, which is saved until the next such event.

Once a badge is earned by new members, previous members will receive a permanent badge to represent their accomplishments.

The previous leader can regain the title, but only one badge will be displayed at a time.

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