We list ways to increase the number of soldiers and our troop capacity in this production.

The way to reach a strong army is to have a high unit capacity. In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, having a high unit capacity is of great importance in every aspect of the game. There are some ways to increase troop capacity in this game, including a preview article on our website . If you are wondering the answer to the question of how to increase the unit capacity in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, you will find the sentences you are looking for in our bottom lines.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to increase troop capacity?

How does the troop system in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord work?

As can be seen in the preliminary review article we shared with you, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a production that includes both strategy and action genres. In this game, our soldier capacity is presented to us in a form that we will see in many areas of the game. As we move over the map of this game, we can see the troop capacities of not only ours, but all other units in motion.

Many people have questions from the very beginning of the game about how to increase our troop capacity in this production as we move forward to reach a strong army. The answers to these questions are; It can change with the effect of many factors, starting from the character creation screen in the game, to the level of our clan and the abilities we have gained. If you wish, respectively, to increase our unit capacity; Let’s take a look together at ways to act with more soldiers in our clan.

We should give importance to the talents in the management part

We can acquire the abilities we need to increase troop capacity while we are still at the beginning of this construction. For this, while we are creating our character, we can answer the questions asked about our past in a way that will affect the management part in the intelligence class. When we give these answers, we take an action that will affect our troop count at the beginning of the game.

Of course, there are many people who start the game without this knowledge and do not make choices that will increase the skills of the management part . Please do not worry about these people, because in the later stages of this production, the skills of the management part can be learned. These abilities can develop as they spend time in cities and perform tasks related to settlements.

As our clan grows, our troop capacity increases

Our clan level is one of the important factors that increase our troop capacity. As our clan level increases, you will see that our troop capacity also increases. Also, as we form a new alliance through our comrades in our clan, the capacity of this alliance is also added. In this way, we increase our total number of army both with our own capacity and the capacity of the other unit you gave to a comrade in our clan.

You can find the ways we need to follow to increase our clan level in a different guide article. Let’s continue without distracting the main topic of this guide, with your permission. Speaking of clan, we can also mention that making our comrades in our clan as quarterbacks increases the clan capacity. With these elements, if we establish a kingdom we will encounter a high troop capacity increase under the name of the royal guard. In this case, the clan leader who becomes the ruler is given the right to a capacity increase of 80 people.

What are the abilities that increase the troop capacity?

When we open the character development section, we can see that we can increase the capacity of the unit thanks to some abilities we have received. We have listed these abilities and the values ​​for increasing the troop capacity in a list below for you. In this list; You will see the name of the skill, how many units it increases the troop capacity, the skill level required to gain the skill, and the class and divisions where this ability is located.

  • Merry Men skill, +3 Unit increase, Control class, Archery quotient, 150 Required skill level
  • Hunters skill, +5 Unit increase, Control class, Throwing Weapons section, 100 Required skill level
  • Knights skill, +2 Unit increase, Endurance class, Equestrian quotient, 75 Required skill level
  • Conroi ability, +4 Unit increase, Endurance class, Equestrian quotient, 175 Required skill level
  • Mercenary Trader skill, +15 Unit increase, Social class, Trade division, 275 Required skill level
  • Bannerlord skill, +2 units per Groom, Intelligence Class, Management quotient, 100 Required skill level
  • Swords As Tribute ability, +10 units per Overlord, Intelligence Class, Management quotient, 150 Required skill level
  • Soldier skill, +5 units per Groom, Intelligence Class, Management quotient, 175 Required skill level

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