You are in love with a girl who is on Instagram and posts several photos and videos on her profile every day. However, recently she has also started posting stories to show those who follow her updates from her life. You’re itching to see them too, but because of your shyness, you’re wondering if there’s a solution to keep her from knowing you’re viewing this content .

Don’t worry : If you’re wondering how to view Instagram stories anonymously , know that I have some solutions that can definitely be helpful for you. In fact, in the next chapters of my tutorial, I will tell you how to use some applications and web services that allow you to view all Instagram media content while remaining completely anonymous .

If you want to learn more, sit comfortably in front of your computer, pick up your smartphone and devote just a few minutes of your free time. Read carefully the directions I am about to give you, and you will see that you will easily and quickly succeed in your intention.

Before explaining how to view Instagram stories anonymously , I must give you some preliminary information about it.

First of all, I will say that Instagram does not allow you to view stories anonymously. However, it is possible to use third party solutions such as websites or smartphone apps, which I will briefly illustrate below.

However, I emphasize , you will not be able to use these solutions if you want to see stories from a private Instagram profile .

Apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Would you like to use the app to view your Instagram stories anonymously? In that case, take a look at the solutions you find in the following lines.

Story Post Saver – Incognito Mode

To view Instagram stories anonymously on Android , I recommend using the Story Post Saver app , which can be downloaded for free from Google Play [ app not available ]. Basically, it’s a free app , but you need to subscribe to a paid subscription to remove banner ads.

To use it, download and run the corresponding application on your device; then, when its main screen appears, click in the Username text box , enter the username for which you want to view stories, and click on the corresponding account among the search results that will be shown to you.

How to Secretly View Stories on Instagram

Now swipe the screen corresponding to the user’s profile to find and view media content posted in their stories in the last 24 hours.

The photos will be shown to you automatically, and to watch the video you need to press the Play/Pause button . Optionally, you can also download the displayed media content by clicking the Save On Screen button. Didn’t you think it would be so easy?

Anonymous Instagram Stories on iPhone

If you have an iPhone , I recommend using the iStory app , which allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously. You can download this app for free from the App Store .

How to Secretly View Stories on Instagram

This app allows you to search people on Instagram to see stories, but it has a limit of three stories that can be shown every 24 hours. To remove this restriction and remove banner ads, you need to purchase the premium version , which starts at 150 rubles per month.

To use iStory , download it and run the app to display the home screen. Now in the “Instagram Username” text box, enter the username that you want to view stories for and click on the corresponding profile among the search results that are shown to you.

At this point, click on the Stories element to open a section related to all stories posted by the specified user. Finally, you just need to click on the story preview thumbnail to view it.

Among the additional features available, I would like to point out the presence of the “Save” button, which allows you to save the story in the media gallery of your device, and the “Repost” button, with which you can share the selected media content on your Instagram profile.

Other apps to view Instagram stories anonymously

Are you looking for some other app to view Instagram stories anonymously? In that case, I suggest you take a look at the other resources you can find below:

  • Story Saver (Android): An Android app that allows you to browse Instagram stories anonymously and can also be used to save images and videos to your device’s memory. On the other hand, it requires you to be logged into your Instagram account, even if the stories are displayed anonymously.
  • Gramster (Android): Another free app with a similar feature to the previous ones. In fact, it allows users to view stories on Instagram, as well as download them to the device’s memory.
  • Storized (iOS): This app, like the ones mentioned earlier, allows you to view Instagram Stories anonymously. Mostly free, but for unlimited use and to remove banner ads, you need to purchase a subscription.

Website to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

The solutions listed in the previous chapters are not suitable for you as you would like to view Instagram stories anonymously through a browser , perhaps from a desktop computer? In this case, the advice I can give you is to use a web service that allows you to view other people’s Instagram stories without registering.

The solution I suggest you take into consideration is a website called Story Insta , which can also be used through the corresponding Android app that I told you about in the previous chapter.

How to Secretly View Stories on Instagram

To use it, go to the official website [ unavailable ] through the browser you usually use to surf the Internet. After that, as soon as its main screen appears, enter in the text field the Username for which you want to view stories, and click on his profile, choosing from among those that are shown to you in the results.

Now scroll down the user’s profile to view all the media content shared in stories and, in the case of videos, press the Play/Pause button to start playback. Optionally, you can also upload a photo or video displayed on your computer by clicking the Save button . Easy, right?

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