Streaming on Twitch requires quite a bit of research to find the best settings for your particular setup. Proper settings will prevent problems such as frame drops during streaming, as well as provide a quality chat experience in real time.

Not having to troubleshoot your streaming settings every time something goes wrong is a big relief for many streamers, as it allows you to focus on the actual content you’re streaming instead of distractions.

However, sometimes, even after you’ve verified that your settings are working correctly, your stream will still lose bitrate, and sometimes even disconnect. This is a situation that is no longer up to you and is related to the stability of the particular Twitch server you are connected to.

The stability of your connection to the Twitch server depends on your internet, as well as how many people are using that particular server at the same time and what bitrate each is using individually.

The auto-select feature in OBS/Streamlabs will usually connect you to the geographically closest server, but sometimes it may not be the best server for you.

Twitch Ingest Servers – Routing

When you connect to a Twitch server, it’s not as simple as a direct path from you to the server. This is where your ISP and its routing play an important role in which server is best for you, as sometimes routing to a specific server is too complicated and results in unnecessary latency.

How to Find the Best Twitch Server to Stream

With Twitch, it’s easy to see which servers you have the best routing for just by going to this site . This is an official Twitch tool that can show you a server with optimal network paths for you . You should take note of the top 5 servers on this list and remember them as the top 5 potential download servers you should use.

Testing Twitch Download Servers

Now, after using the official Twitch-recommended download endpoint site, you know which servers you have the best route to. That’s half the information you need to effectively select the best server for your stream.

The next step is to download the Twitch Bandwidth Test app , which will further help us identify the most stable Twitch server. After downloading the tool, insert your streaming key into the tool, select your region from the quick select menu, and click Start.

How to Find the Best Twitch Server to Stream

The tool will then manually ping each Twitch server you select and will tell you your ping and network quality at that specific time for that server. Now you need to combine the information from the Twitch site about optimal network paths with the information obtained from the bandwidth test tool.

Look at the results of the tool and find the top 5 servers from the list of recommended endpoints. Match the two sources and find the server with the best network routing, ping, and state for you at that point in time.

The reason we mention that you should do this for now is because the situation with these Twitch servers is quite fluid depending on how many users connect to them. Our advice is that before each broadcast, you should open the list of recommended Twitch endpoints and the bandwidth tool and compare them to find the best server for you at the moment .

This way, you will never have problems with bandwidth drops or random network delays during a broadcast that are not related to your individual connection.

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