New to the list of animals to tame in Minecraft, the axolotl is sometimes capricious. Find out how to spawn and capture it.

Endangered species, the axolotl is a small animal that many people appreciate for its cute side. Rarely present in video games , it notably inspired the Pokémon Axoloto taken from the second generation of Pokémon.

But since 2021, the animal has made a remarkable entrance into the all-cubic world of Minecraft. If it integrates the list of tamable creatures and extends the bestiary, the animal also brings its share of features and novelties.


Since when are axolotls available in Minecraft?

Unlike more common animals such as cows, pigs or horses, axolotls arrived much later in the game. They are part of the content added with the game’s 1.17 update , called “Caves and Cliffs”. Rolling out to servers on June 8, 2021 , this first of two dedicated updates allows players to explore caves and cliffs.

If this has led to an overhaul of the exploration of the underground worlds, it has also brought its share of new creatures : the goat, the glow squid and of course the axolotl. Present in lush caverns, the axolotl has some unusual characteristics.

A variety of colors and a certain aggressiveness

The axolotl comes in 5 different colors: pink, cyan, blue, yellow and brown . The update trailer also saw pink, tan and green axolotls but they are still exceptional and may not appear in the game. However, the rarest of all is blue with only a 1 in 1200 chance . have a baby blue axolotl by breeding.

How to Spawn and Capture an Axolotl in Minecraft

Basically, axolotls are not aggressive towards players . However, whether wild or tamed, they attack fish, octopus, drowned and guardians. However, he will never attack dolphins and turtles. They can thus become very practical companions in combat, but not only.

The axolotl, a small star animal of many Progress

If the axolotl seems harmless and relatively useless as a creature, enthusiasts of progress know that it is essential to the accomplishment of some of them .

The axolotl is one of the animals to be reproduced for the progress “There is love in the air” and “Two by two”. But he is also one of the animals to tame to obtain the “Best friends for life” progress.

Finally, because it arrived after the others, the axolotl is also the star of two advancements of its own. The first, “Cutest Predator” involves catching an axolotl in a bucket . While the second, “Unity is strength”, asks you to help an axolotl kill a creature and thus obtain the Regeneration effect. This effect is linked to the fact that the axolotl can play dead and obtain this status itself.

How to Spawn and Capture an Axolotl in Minecraft

How to spawn an axolotl in Minecraft?

If other activities like creating essential farms or creating a shield are important in Minecraft, taming animals is also crucial for progress. The axolotl is no exception to the rule, but the animal is more difficult to tame.

Spawn an Axolotl in Creative Mode

In Creative mode, spawning an axolotl is quite simple. You can simply use the /summon command to make the little animal appear in front of you.

If you already own an axolotl, you can also breed it using spawn eggs. To do this, simply use the “Choose Block” function on the axolotl to get an egg from the animal. Be careful though because the color of the little one is very likely to be the color of your axolotl.

You can then create an aquarium where your axolotls can swim freely.

Spawn an Axolotl in Survival Mode

In Survival mode, two options are possible. The first is to explore caves in hopes of finding axolotls. If you then want to attract them to you, place a tropical fish in your hand. The second option is faster and involves recreating the natural habitat of the aquatic animal .

For this you will need a water point at least 5 blocks high and several blocks of stone or gravel. Place the blocks in question at the bottom and on the sides of the water point. Then just place more blocks on top of the water area.

This has the effect of recreating an atmosphere of an underwater cave and also prevents the sun’s rays from passing through. Axolotls only appear in the dark . Wait a few minutes and you should see an axolotl appear in the middle of your mini-cave.

How to tame and breed with axolotls?

Technically, the axolotl is not tamable in Minecraft . However, and for the accomplishment of the progress, a condition allows to make so that the animal accompanies you. All you have to do is lure it to a shore and scoop it up with a bucket . He will not disappear and thus will become a pet.

To start breeding, it is recommended to have a dedicated aquarium or biome and to have at least two axolotls. Once the two animals are reunited, switch to love mode and give them each a bucket of tropical fish to eat. They then reproduce autonomously and the baby becomes an adult in about 20 minutes.

How to Spawn and Capture an Axolotl in Minecraft

Obtain the Legendary Blue Axolotl

Considered legendary due to its low presence in nature, it is possible to increase its chances of having it through breeding. As in the wild, if you mate two “classic” colored axolotls, you have a one in 1,200 chance of having a blue baby .

However, if you have found a blue axolotl in the wild, you have a 50% chance of having a blue baby if you mate it with an animal of another color . Chances increase to 100% if both parents are blue.

And if you prefer to have the animal near you and more easily via the Creation mode, just enter the following command:

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