If you’re a frequent social media user and spend a lot of time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen people share messages with green, yellow, and gray blocks called “Word.” Whether you’re someone who’s curious about what Wordle is or just want to know the history behind the viral puzzle game, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Wordle.

Wordle: Online Word Game Explained (2022)

In addition to explaining the Wordle game, its origins and future, we have also added a method that you can use to play Wordle. no daily limit. Having said that, let’s get straight to the point.


What is wordle?

What is Wordle?

For the uninitiated , Wordle is a simple but fun word guessing game . Wordle is a free browser game, so you can get started without registering or downloading the app.

The game requires you to guess the word in 6 attempts, and everyone in the world will have to guess the same word on a certain day. Every day you need to guess only one word. You can check the following section for detailed instructions on how to play the game.

How to play Wordle online

What is Wordle?

Developer Wordle (more on this below) has added a handy introductory popup to the website to help new players understand how the game works. The goal is to guess the word in 6 tries . Once you randomly guess a word, you will see green, yellow or gray blocks on the letters of the word. And here is what each color means in Wordle:

A green block indicates that the letter is in the target word and is in the correct position. Meanwhile, the yellow block hints that the letter belongs to the target word, but is in the wrong position. A gray box indicates that the letter is not in the target word.

You can play the game once a day and every day you will get a new word . This approach created anticipation among users and helped retain players.

Play Wordle in a Web Browser Now ( Free )

Wordle: Origins and Future

The Word game was created by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle. In an interview with The New York Times, Wardle revealed that the game was created for his partner, who loves word games . Wardle subsequently released the game last October. Wordle has gone viral over the past few weeks and is played daily by thousands of people around the world.

As for the future, developer Wordle promised to keep the game free and ad-free . “I don’t see why something can’t just be fun. I don’t have to charge people for this and ideally I would like it to stay that way,” Wardle told the BBC.

Why is Wordle game popular?

Wordle’s popularity is due to three main factors: simplicity, rarity, and community experience. Getting started with Wordle is pretty easy and almost anyone can play Wordle regardless of their age. This, combined with the fact that you can only play it once a day, keeps users coming back to guess a new word.

Inspired by the Spelling Bee and the NYT crossword, this is exactly what the creator was aiming for. Another important factor is the ability to share, where users can easily share their results with their colleagues on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. We’ve even seen popular TV celebrities like Jimmy Fallon jump on the hype train as well.

On a personal note, I first came across Wordle on Twitter last week. After ignoring it at the beginning, I’ve been playing it for the last three days and so far I like it. In a world where top game publishers are desperate to cash in on the next big thing ( and failed ), Wordle is a breath of fresh air. It has turned into a viral word game that users enjoy playing.

Wordle: 3 Simple Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how the game works and want to join the growing number of Wordle users, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you understand a word quickly.

1. Choose your first word wisely : The most important thing about Wordle is the first word you choose as your guess in order to solve the puzzle. Now you have to remember two things: firstly, it will be useful to enter a word with different letters, and secondly, to enter two or three vowels in the first guess to get a good idea of ​​the word.

For example, if you enter ARENA as your first guess, you are not fully using your first guess by reusing A. Instead, we suggest you enter a world like RADIO, SPOIL, or MEDIA.

2. The same letter can occur twice : yes, you read that right. If you’re running out of letters and most of them are greyed out, there’s a good chance the letters are repeating in your Wordle. You can get words like SPELL, SHEEP, or TRANSFER that require you to type the same letter in order to correctly guess the word. We suggest you use this helpful tip on your fourth or fifth try if you haven’t been able to find many green or yellow blocks so far.

3. Avoid typing excluded gray letters : This is one of the hardest things to remember and follow when solving Wordle. If a letter was grayed out, don’t reuse it in your next guess. You are only wasting a turn by doing this. I made this mistake while guessing today’s word, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Play Wordle without daily limit

What is Wordle?

If you want to bypass the Wordle daily limit and play endless Wordle games every day, you can take a look at Word Master. Created by software engineer Katherine Peterson, Word Master is an open source project that copies Wordle without a daily limit . If you are interested, you can check Word Master from the link below.

Play Word Master ( Free )

Is Wordle the same for everyone?

Yes, the target word in Wordle is the same for everyone on a given day.

Is there only one Wordle released per day?

To maintain a sense of scarcity, the developer decided to limit the Wordle game to one word per day.
You can always come back the next day or try Word Master, which is essentially Wordle with no daily limits.

How to play Wordles?

Since this is a daily word guessing game, you can’t play Wordles, at least for now.
We’ll have to wait to see if the game’s creator plans to release an archiving feature that will allow anyone to play previous Wordle games.

Is Wordle an application?

No, the original Wordle game is not available as an app.
You can find similar games on the Google Play Store and App Store, but the real game is free, browser-based and ad-free.

Try a viral word game

Will it be another viral game that no one will talk about in a few months? Probably, and it’s not so bad. In fact, I remember posting about the word guessing game in January 2020 and to be honest, I haven’t played it since. While the popularity of Wordle will no doubt fade in a few months, it will likely remain relevant for fans of word games. Speaking of word games, you can find several other word games in our linked roundup of the best multiplayer games.

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