We are talking about the new browser event “A New Adventure? Forward!” for Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact ‘s Browser Event , New Adventure? Forward!”. In it, you need to roll the dice and move around the field of squares, receiving source stones and other rewards for this. This is a kind of board game, but the two-dimensional setting of the game we all love.

“A new adventure? Forward!” in Genshin Impact – Web Event

The event will be valid until May 5, 2022, so take advantage of this opportunity and get all the rewards. Here is the link – go and participate. 

As we have already said, to move around the field you need to roll the dice. The number of steps available will depend on the number rolled on the die. 

When you stumble upon a bush, you will run into an obstacle and get one of the many effects – opponents that will push you back, random events, as well as effects that will help you move a few more cells forward. 

Every day you can roll eight dice. An additional four rolls will become available after completing an additional task. For example, you may be asked to check in on Daily Entry Checks. 

For each tile you pass, you will receive adventure coins. After completing the circle, you will receive 50 adventure coins. With their help, you can buy event rewards. So, for 150, 300 and 600 coins you will get 10, 20 and 30 source stones, respectively. Other rewards are also available, such as pestilence and experience cards. 

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