A real hit among the youngest, Roblox allows you to enjoy a vast universe where everything is allowed. Discover the secrets of this star platform.

In the world of video games, it can be complicated to impose yourself on certain audiences. Children in particular are particularly demanding. They want personalization, a multitude of games and the ability to play together with their friends.

Among 8-15 year olds, some games like Minecraft or Fortnite have managed to become essentials. But there is another title less known to parents and which nevertheless delights the youngest.

With nearly 150 million active players in 2021, including 50 million who arrived during the pandemic, it has become a real bestseller. In addition, it is free-to-play and offers certain educational advantages . This game, or rather this platform because it offers many options, is Roblox.

What is Roblox?

Originally, Roblox is a sandbox MMO playable on PC, smartphones, tablets as well as Xbox One . Developed by David Baszucki, it was officially launched in 2005 and was aimed at a young audience from the start.

As in Minecraft, it is possible to create. But the big difference with Mojang’s game is that young players don’t create buildings or worlds, but games.

Roblox  free to play game for Kids

The game has its own game publisher, Roblox Studio , which is free to download in addition to the base game. Via this software, players can create their own game. They then have the choice:

  • either they take a predefined base based on a style of play that they personalize according to their desires
  • or they create a game entirely from A to Z using the Baseplate option, equivalent to a new project or a blank page on classic software.

A platform between the social network and the game catalog

However, Roblox does not only offer creation software. Games created by players of all ages can be published and shared on the platform. Everyone can then play it. Depending on the terms set by the creator, access to the game can be free or paid.

Since the games are free, Roblox then functions as a Steam launcher. The player simply clicks on the game of his choice and his avatar finds himself propelled there. The avatar is customizable and there are Season Passes with elements to unlock or buy with Robux, the in-game currency.

Beyond the catalog of games, Roblox also allows you to share moments with friends. Like Steam, the game includes a friends system . It is possible to add players and chat with them. Via chat, children can communicate, share images and even videos.

The avatar, a major element

As in many other titles, Roblox allows each player to own a unique avatar. This one is customizable from head to toe , whether with free items or paid cosmetics.

Roblox  free to play game for Kids

In order to give players as many options as possible, there are 3 different types of avatars in Roblox. The first is the R6 . Symbol of the game, it has a square head and 6 different limbs (head, torso, arms and legs). Then came the R15 , which has more points of articulation and allows players to strike new poses.

Finally, the last type of avatar offered is the Rthro . Launched in 2018, it too features 15 points of articulation and customization. But unlike previous avatars, he has a human form and no longer looks like a block.

What can kids do on Roblox?

Create and play games

Via Roblox Studio, young players as well as adults can develop their imagination and creativity by designing games.

Since the games offered are created by the players, they do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the major trends of the moment . We can therefore find in Roblox obstacle course games like Fall Guys, shooting games like Call of Duty, escape games, infinite runners…

But the pleasure is not limited to creation. Players can then explore their game or those of others. Thus, according to the desires of each, it is possible to spend your time only playing on Roblox, only creating or a little of both.

Roblox  free to play game for Kids

Some games have also acquired such fame that their heroes have been declined in figurines and other derivative products. This is the case for example of Piggy, the character of a horror game available on Roblox.

Discover the program

If it does not necessarily give the impression thanks to its very intuitive side, Roblox allows via the creation studio to introduce children to programming . For this, the platform has chosen a software that is easy to learn and master: Lua .

In addition, thanks to the predefined templates, the discovery of the creation software but also of the programming via scripts is simplified and accessible to all from 8 years old . Through a world they enjoy and simplified elements, children learn to code a video game

Is Roblox dangerous for children?

Due to its status as a star game for 8-13 year olds, parents may wonder if the platform is really safe for the youngest. The creative possibilities being almost limitless, budding developers can create violent games including brawling, blood or FPS.

If children are too sensitive, they can quickly be confronted with content considered unsuitable . Another danger can also come from the chat where the messages sent can lead to cyberbullying or contact with malicious people .

But the point many parents make is that kids get addicted and find it hard to focus on anything else. As with all other video games, especially among the youngest, it is then necessary to take the time to explain to them that the game must remain a limited pleasure.

Parental controls or monitoring can also be applied, but overall Roblox remains a colorful and entertaining game that stimulates your children’s creativity.

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