Robux are an important element in Roblox because it is the currency of the game. If it is paid, there are free cheats to obtain it.

Roblox has established itself in a few years as a real planetary phenomenon. A star platform for 8-15 year olds, it serves as a social network, mini-game catalogs and creation tool .

Children can also enter this virtual world by creating their own avatar. They can customize it with original outfits, accessories or even with emotes. But one of the major elements of the title is the Robux.

Robux is a currency of exchange . It allows you to take advantage of many features and even to buy items for your avatar. But the Robux has one defining feature: you have to pay for it .

What is Robux used for?

The Robux is used to buy dozens of items. Their primary use is to purchase access to certain community-created mini-games or games . While the majority of them are free, some very popular ones may charge an entry fee of only a few Robux.

How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Easy 2022

The other item that can be purchased with Robux is cosmetics . It is possible to buy different faces for avatar, haircuts, entire sets, specific equipment such as weapons and even animations.

Robux can be purchased online or in the form of pre-paid cards

Robux is a digital currency operating on the same system as Royal Crystal in Lost Ark. This is not necessarily recoverable in the game but on the other hand it is possible to exchange it for real money.

As a general rule, 1 euro buys 80 Robux on average . However, it is not possible to buy Robux for 1 euro. The most common offers allow you to buy for 5 euros (i.e. 400 Robux), 10 euros (800 Robux) or 21 euros (1700 Robux).

How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Easy 2022

There are two options if you want to buy the Robux. The first is to go online to the game’s official website . A section is dedicated to buying Robux and it only takes a few minutes to validate the transaction and transfer the Robux to a player’s account.

The second option is recommended if you don’t like to buy online or if you don’t have the possibility to do so. Just go to stores, whether in supermarkets, in cultural stores such as FNAC or video game stores.

How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Easy 2022

You will then be able to buy Roblox gift cards which will give you access to a certain number of Robux. However, you will need to enter a code online to validate the transaction.

How to get free Robux on Roblox?

To get free Robux, there are several ways. During certain events or contests, you can participate and try to win Robux gift cards. Regularly, promo codes are also offered.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, it may be possible to redeem some through the monthly Twitch rewards . However, 3 methods accessible at any time allow you to earn free Robux.

The Robux Affiliate Program

The Robux Affiliate Program allows you to be rewarded by promoting games or Roblox on social networks . This option is available to all players and only takes a few seconds.

Simply log into Roblox and go to the page or game you want to promote. Small icons symbolizing social networks are available. Click on it and share a link to the page in question on the account you have on the social network.

With each click of a user, the player receives a few free Robux for promoting a page. It also allows you to promote a page or a game that you like and that your friends might like.


Like in other games, Roblox has a referral program. It allows a player to earn 50 Robux if they bring a new player to the title and buy 1,000 Robux.

To take advantage of it, simply follow the sponsorship instructions accessible directly in the game interface.

Get 100 free Robux instantly and more later with Microsoft Rewards program

This last method is not necessarily the best known but it can be one of the most advantageous. Indeed, Roblox is part of the Microsoft Rewards program games.

This free program makes it possible to accumulate points as soon as a user does a search on Google or Bing. Accumulated points can then be redeemed for rewards including Roblox gift cards . It is also possible to exchange these points for other gift cards, to participate in contests…

However, simply signing up for the program immediately grants access to 100 free Robux. If you want to get them right away, register for the program by clicking on this link . Finally, it is possible through some games to earn Robux by offering designs for t-shirts. 

Beware of Robux Generators and Unscrupulous Online Dealers

The methods listed above are legal and safe methods to buy or get Robux for free. However, like other games, there are malicious sellers offering illegal alternatives to buy Robux.

The oft-cited way is the Robux generator . But this technique is very random and above all completely illegal. In one of the Roblox FAQs, it is stated that the generators are scams and that you should not buy from these sellers . Indeed, no refund will be possible and this can lead in the worst case to banishment from the account.

Another frequent practice is that of sellers who promote directly in-game or who offer plans to have free Premium subscriptions. These sellers are also scammers.

If you are confronted with players or people offering this type of service, use the Report Abuse system available in game to report them and stop their practices.

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