what is cosplay, For what purpose is "cosplay"

For what purpose is “cosplay”, which has taken its place among the foreign words that have come into our lives recently? What does the word “Cosplay”, which sounds fun and consists of two foreign words, mean, where do we come across this often used cosplay? Here are the details.

The word cosplay is actually a combination of the root of a Japanese word and an English word. Its meaning can be roughly translated as “Costume play”.

 What Does Cosplay Mean?

 This art is a performance art, a game created by the person who will make the art by imitating the character he has produced by using various costumes and accessories. It is mostly influenced by Japanese and East Asian productions.

 The topic of cosplay can cover all sorts of topics, be it a fantasy or love. The people who make this art are called “Cosplayer”. There are those who do this as a profession as well as those who do it as a hobby. 

 This art is sometimes seen in a shopping mall and sometimes in private studios. Exhibition points for cosplay shows have been established in many countries, including Japan, since 1998. In addition, cosplay festivals have become widespread almost all over the world.

Cosplay – what is it? Definition, meaning, translation

Cosplay (emphasis on “e”) is a type of amateur theater, with a much greater degree of improvisation and contact between the actors. At the same time, in the case of cosplay, there may be no spectators at all: the actors themselves get fun from what they do. Moreover, cosplay can be practiced even alone, dressing up in the costume of your favorite character and entering into his image. The word “cosplay” itself is an abbreviated version of the phrase “

cos tumed

play “, that is, “playing in costumes”. In Russian slang there is even a verb

cosplay– play in costumes some fashionable book, story or even a song! If you have been on a warm May day in the Red Square area, then you have probably seen the twins of comrades Lenin, Stalin and even Putin, for whom cosplay is combined with a parody show and earning fees for photos with enthusiastic tourists.

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