If some game appears in an anime setting, its characters will definitely be cosplayed . If a game (like Genshin Impact ) becomes very popular, cosplays increase exponentially every day.

Yes, there are many who want to dress in the outfits of a certain hero. But for you, we have selected 10 truly high-quality cosplays of Genshin characters. Enjoy!

Cosplay on Qiqi

Hotest Genshin Impact Character Cosplays 2022

Here is an image of a student and a herbalist (QiQi) from a girl with the nickname Chhuu (Peekaboo). Do you think the author got into the image? 

Cosplay on Raiden Shogun

Hotest Genshin Impact Character Cosplays 2022

Raiden Shogun. Wants to become God. As the namesake from “Mortal Kombat” owns the power of lightning / electricity. We have a character guide! 

Nickname of the author on Instagram: peachmilky_

Cosplay on Eimiya

Hotest Genshin Impact Character Cosplays 2022

Girl-character-lighter. Fireworks are Eimiya’s favorite thing. The author managed to convey the fiery, playful nature of the hero.

Cosplayer: sashaholland.

Cosplay on Gan Yu

Hotest Genshin Impact Character Cosplays 2022

Gan Yu is a secretary, inside of which the blood of a mythical beast flows. Still waters run deep? 

Cosplay author: Alina Becker.

Cosplay on Ning Guang

Rich girl. Queen. Smart. Refined. It’s about the character of the game Ning Guang.

Model: Aidacosplay.

Cosplay on Itto

Arataki Itto is a brave young man with unprecedented physical strength. 

Cosplay author: Nitsvetov.

Cosplay on Lisa

Lisa is a lazy but very smart librarian. And not only smart. 

Author: Lady Melamori.

Bei Dou cosplay

Bei Dou is young, but already a fleet captain. Risky, honest and loyal. 

Author: Zoya Wolf.

Cosplay on Ke Qing

Skeptic, critic. Strong but subtle Ke Qing.

Author: Astasia Dream

Cosplay on Mona

Young but very smart. Proud and mysterious. Mona.

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