Epic Games Store has revealed when we can expect Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC – get ready for summer.

For some timeSony has decided to open the doors of its exclusives also to the PC world , bringing video games of its production and properties such as  Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War also on Windows .

Following them closely, as had already been confirmed, is  Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection , which after arriving in January on PS5 ( you can find it on Amazon ) with the remastering of Uncharted 4 and the standalone expansion  The lost legacy , was awaiting the  release date on PC , which was confirmed perhaps prematurely by the  Epic Games Store .

In fact, by accessing the Epic Games store on PC, at this link , it is possible to see Nathan Drake’s adventure being indicated among the next releases, with particular reference to  June 20 as the debut day.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Initial release date
Epic Games’ post on its store

“The release date of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC is June 20, 2022 ” writes Epic Games on its page, before explaining that the collection will include both Nathan’s most recent adventure and Chloe’s journey. Frazer which debuted shortly after.

Last January our Marcello Paolillo signed the review of  SpazioGames dedicated to the box set, in which we highlighted how the two adventures lend themselves very well to being played on PlayStation 5 too – waiting to see them, soon, also on PC.

In the meantime, one wonders if this collection that allows you to catch up with the most recent adventures does not allude to a future new release for the saga: Naughty Dog had declared that he had finished his journey with Drake , but it cannot be excluded that can either retrace his steps or that the series can see another team work on it.

According to recent rumors, Neil Druckmann’s team may be busy – among other things – on a remake of  The Last of Us . It is therefore difficult to understand if there is room on the horizon for a new raid in the company of Nathan. For now, however, we know that the adventurer is about to land on PC, waiting for Sony, perhaps caught off guard by Epic Games, to officially confirm the date.

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