Gran Turismo 7 is facing a maintenance period that will lead to some new free content today, shown in a video.

Launched for several weeks now,  Gran Turismo 7  has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions: beyond the problems that we have already reported to you in the review , the PlayStation home racing title has seen several rebalancing and news arrive, aimed at improving especially the internal economy and obtaining the new rewards.

The optimization work continues as promised by  Polyphony Digital and just today, after carrying out a maintenance to bring unreleased free content into the game , a new patch has arrived. These innovations, expected with the update 1.13 of 25 April 2022 , have already been detailed by a video, which you can find below.

The news mainly sees the arrival of the following new content in Gran Turismo 7 (which you can find on Amazon with fast shipping ).

Three new cars

The arrival of three new cars has been confirmed that you can add to your garage after conquering. It is about:

  • Subaru BRZ GT300 ’21
  • Subaru BRZ S ’21
  • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91

You can see them closely in the image gallery in our article.

Gran Turismo 7 new free update today 2022
Gran Turismo 7 new free update today 2022

24h layout for Spa

The famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit is now also made available with the layout of the 24h, where some elements are arranged in different places and which therefore offers a different experience than that of the entire track that you have already found in the game.

The track has a total length of 7 km and a straight of over 750 meters in which to whiz.

Gran Turismo 7 new free update today 2022

Among other things, there are two new scenarios that add to the ones you can already enjoy, both of which are Japanese-inspired.

The update, which as we anticipated is now available after a maintenance phase of the title, has a weight of 4.6 GB on PS4 and  2.6 GB on PS5 . You can find the complete changelog at this link .

If you want to learn more about  Gran Turismo 7 , we remind you that you can see all our themed content by visiting the page dedicated to the game . The most recent update had arrived only two weeks ago, as you will remember, and had introduced an important fix in the title .

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