Elden Ring, which can offer a very difficult experience especially for players who are new to the genre, can be loosened a little with these tips.

FromSoftware has once again brought to the players a very challenging video game. Players who are used to the genre may not have much trouble with this new game called Elden Ring, but players who will experience such an experience for the first time may need help. On this page of our new guide we have prepared for you, we will provide basic tips to help you understand the mechanics of the game and deal with everything that comes your way. These tips may apply not only to players who are just starting their adventures with Elden Ring, but also to people familiar with this undeniably difficult game genre .

Elden Ring Tips and Tricks for Beginners 100% WORKING

Choosing a character class is not so important

Choosing a character class in Elden Ring is slightly different from the same type of systems in other games. In this game, you don’t have to be locked into a particular class for your entire experience. The character class you choose at the start of the game only matters in the early stages, where you find certain stats more appealing. For example, if you want to start the game with higher hit points, you should choose a class with a lot of Vigor points. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked into playing as a warrior; You will then have the option to distribute your stats however you want to create your favorite and most used build.

Torrent is your most loyal friend in Elden Ring game

Torrent is the name of your mount that you will get from a character named Melina at the beginning of the game. Thanks to this mount, it will become much faster and safer to cross certain areas. By using your first and only mount in the game called Torrent, if you feel in danger, you can quickly escape. In addition, fighting while mounted can be very useful and even necessary against some opponents, so you need to remember to have a mount called Torrent whenever possible. Note, though, that this mount has its own separate health bar. If this bar drops to zero, you will get off your mount and will not be able to get back on for a while.

You are now also allowed to jump

When we say jumping, we don’t just mean jumping over certain obstacles that are otherwise impossible to avoid. Jumping is also very useful in combat. You can use a heavy attack while in the air to unbalance your opponent. This is a very powerful move that you can often use to take down single enemies. Additionally, keep in mind that your Torrent mount gives you access to double jumps, making it even easier to overcome obstacles. Moreover, you will be able to access previously inaccessible places without the aid of your mount. Jumping is already considered a novelty for the Souls genre.

Do not forget to use privacy in the camps

In Elden Ring you can crouch by pressing the corresponding button (L3 for PlayStation 5), which will make you move slower but also much less perceptible. You also have the option to hide in the tall grass to disappear from your opponents’ eyes. Using the stealth system is great for infiltrating enemy camps. These camps usually contain many hostile creatures and an opponent who can summon the entire group of enemies to fight you. That’s why it’s a good idea to quietly eliminate every single enemy to increase your chances of surviving and earning valuable rewards.

It’s good to collect everything you find.

There are many materials waiting to be found and collected in the world of Elden Ring game. On the face of it, ordinary mushrooms or flowers may seem like they’re just bloating your inventory, but every item is worth its weight in gold. Without materials, you can’t craft items that can be extremely helpful during exploration or combat. The item crafting mechanic is one of the things you will use frequently in this game. Also, even without this system, a seemingly insignificant weed you collect can actually be an antidote to a very critical effect. As you spend time in the game, you will gradually begin to learn what works.

Try to spend the runes so as not to lose them

Runes (Rune) are in-game currency that you can use to upgrade certain stats of your character; they can also be used to purchase other items such as weapons, shields, armor and even important items or spells. The moment you die, you lose all runes you have. However, if you manage to reach the place where you died, you can get the runes back. Only then do you risk dying again, and if that happens, all your runes will be lost forever. Therefore, it’s a better idea to regularly spend all the runes you own or buy items that give you a certain number of runes when used.

Remember to use markers on the map

In Elden Ring, players are given a map. However, you need map parts to improve and expand it. By collecting map pieces and completing the overall map, you will have a better idea of ​​what to find and where. The map also allows you to place markers anywhere to remind you of something specific that the game doesn’t show on its own. For example, you can mark a group of enemies in a certain area or mark a location for yourself that contains a certain collection material. You can also use markers to remember a location later.

Being patient may be the hardest but most important tip.

In this game, it is not important who attacks first, but who waits for the opponent to make a mistake. Even against normal opponents as well as boss battles, it’s important to watch what the enemy is doing and then react accordingly. It’s a good idea to let your opponent attack first and then dodge, block or parry the hit to give yourself a good opportunity to attack. To take advantage of this, don’t attack until your stamina bar is depleted and let the enemy attack you again, then use the opportunity to attack them. It is also very important to remember some of the opponent’s attacks and combinations.

If you’re lost, follow the gold signs

It’s very easy to get lost in the open world of Elden Ring. When approaching a safe area, golden effects can help you find your way. These effects indicate which way to go to find the next safe area. You can also see statues in some cases. Interacting with them can take you to an optional position. For example, you might come across a dungeon that contains a boss lair along with many treasures. This usually causes the golden effect to change to light blue. Thanks to the color difference, you can more clearly predict what will come your way.

In Elden Ring game, it is necessary to pay attention to the time and days.

The passing of days is not only reflected in the visuals of the game, but it can also affect the behavior of some opponents. The time of day changes itself dynamically, but you have the option to change it when you rest in a safe area. Some unique enemies only spawn at certain times of the day, usually at night. Consequently, if you don’t want a formidable opponent to show up and surprise you, pay attention to the time of day. At the same time, if you cannot find an enemy you are looking for, it is useful to keep in mind that he may appear at a different time, sir.

Experiencing all the dialogues can be rewarding

Even if you’re not interested in what a particular character has to say to you in Elden Ring, it’s worth experiencing all the dialogues individually. These dialogues may not give you much useful information, but most of the time, when the character has nothing interesting to say, you can be rewarded with a certain item at the end of the conversation, before they start repeating the same dialogue line. That’s why it’s good to listen to what they have to say until every NPC in the game starts repeating their own words. Of course, you have to remember that there is no reward at the end of each character’s dialogue.

Watch out for skulls and traps

Skulls glowing white may appear on the way as you explore the world. It is worth destroying such skulls; then you will be able to get a golden rune that will give you 200 runes. To destroy skulls, simply go over them with Torrent. Finally, not every chest contains treasure; some are traps. When you open the chest, you will notice a smoke. If you spot him, run back as quickly as possible to avoid danger. These traps teleport you to areas with high-level opponents. However, if you think you can handle them, this could be a good opportunity to quickly reach remote areas.

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