Video Card Diagnostics  allows you to get the most out of your computer faster. It is responsible for processing the graphic image and displaying the image on the monitor screen. When buying a video adapter, as a preventive measure and at the first sign of improper operation, you should check its condition and quality. You can make sure that everything works well or fix problems in time using a visual inspection or checking with a special program. What to do if the monitor does not turn on ? Is the failure of the video card related to the fact that the computer does not work ? How exactly to understand whether everything is so with an important computer detail, and what to do if the video card does not work ? We will cover these questions in this article.

Video card diagnostics. Visual check

Most often, the answer to the question: why the monitor does not work lies in the video card. Parameters by which you can determine its malfunction:

  • If the computer turns on but does not work , noise, artifacts, lines appear on the monitor and the screen itself twitches
  • If you hear sound problems that come through the speakers and through the headphones. This means that the video card can not cope with its graphic display.
  • Computer freezing errors indicate possible problems with the video card

Video card diagnostics. Purchase

When purchasing a video card, especially if it is supported, first of all, you need to check its condition. It is easy to stumble upon a breakdown, because when the graphics adapter burns out, most often it warms up and returns to life for a while. There are certain methods to check the performance of the video adapter. First, you should examine the map itself:

  • Are the capacitors swollen? A frequent phenomenon that appears through problems in the wiring, due to a sudden shutdown of the light in the apartment or high power surges. If the video card is completely closed, then it will be difficult to see the swelling. In this case, you need to take it to a service center.
  • The presence of scratches. Even if they are insignificant in appearance, they could touch an important component, and you need to carry the card for verification
  • Any break, crack. Then the repair of such video cards can in some cases be much more expensive than buying a new one.

If such damage is not found, then it is worth checking the condition, so to speak “from the inside”. It is necessary to carry out such diagnostics of a video card through specialized programs.

Video card diagnostics. Parameters when checking

  The operation of the video adapter is primarily affected by the following factors:

  • Settled dust on the board
  • Operating temperature in the block itself
  • Power Stability

Each video card has many options. With the help of special software, you always need to check:

  • Cooler rotation speed
  • CPU core temperature
  • Power consumption
  • Frequency of data transfer between computer components

You need to start checking with a parameter that affects the overall operation of the system – the stability of the video processor. To find out which processor is in the video adapter, you should look at the board case. There should be a manufacturer’s sticker with the specified information and, often, a marking with the name of the manufacturer.

The stability of the video card can be found through the test of various software. One of the best is FurMark . This software is used by many manufacturers to test their equipment. The program heats up the adapter to the maximum and checks the stability of the video card. If there is cooling without a cooler, then this program can be a serious torture for the video adapter. Therefore, you should not set the application to the maximum.

Video card diagnostics. How to diagnose:

  • Download the program and install
  • Disable all applications that affect the load of the computer
  • Open the program and click the “Settings” button in the window
  • Make sure that the boxes next to “Dynamic Background” and “Burn” -in are checked, but opposite “Xtreme burn” -in is not
  • Now you can start running the program by clicking on the “GPU stress test” button
  • A specific ring will open on the monitor and the check will take a few minutes. Until it ends, you do not need to perform other operations on the computer.
  • After testing, a screen will be shown with characteristics and parameters that will show the video card is working stably or not, its temperature will also be visible

Video card diagnostics. Replacing thermal paste

Pollution of the board directly affects the temperature of the block, because the more dust on it, the more it heats up. If the temperature is critical, you will need to replace the thermal paste on the video card . Each model has its own critical temperature. The appearance of various artifacts, regardless of the computer load, is the main indicator of overheating. It is the temperature that shows how the video adapter works – in stress mode or standard.

You can check the video adapter for overheating, for example, with the GPU Temp program . The purpose of this program is to monitor the temperature of the graphics accelerator. In addition, it allows you to see the load on the processor and memory of the video adapter, as well as observations in the current time mode. For many video adapters, 70 degrees Celsius is considered normal. If the required parameter has risen to 80 degrees, then you can start to worry, and if the degrees go off scale beyond 90, then you should immediately turn off the computer.

From time to time, you need to test the graphics memory. This can be done with the Video Memory Test program . Having launched the program and easily changed the required settings, you need to click on start. Before you get started, it’s important to free up GPU memory. The results can be seen in the journal, which is kept automatically.

The type and parameters of the video card can also be found in the following ways:

  • Diagnostic tool “DirectX” Press Win + R, enter “dxdiag”, press Enter and open the screen tab
  • The device manager will help you find out about the model of the video card, and what version of the drivers is installed. If there are several video adapters in the list, then this means that the PC has both an internal and a built-in card. Having such data, you can learn more about the video card itself on the manufacturers website

Video card diagnostics. Programs

The full performance of the video card will also be checked by the AtiTool program:

  • It needs to be downloaded, installed and run.
  • Nothing changes in the parameters, everything is already configured
  • You need to press the “Show 3D view” button and leave the computer for 15 minutes (a specific cube should appear)
  • It remains to monitor the temperature of the graphics core. If less than 65 degrees Celsius, then the graphics core is in good condition, if more than 85 – be sure to check for faults
  • You need to follow the yellow dots. If there are more than 10, then this is a signal of overheating or a weak power supply
  • After that, you should proceed to inspect the kernel in the presence of correctness control. Clicking on the “Scan For Artifacts” button will launch a scan that takes 15 minutes. If “No errors for…sec” is written after it, this means that there are no errors

Video card diagnostics. The computer does not see it

Frequently asked question: why does the computer not see the video card ?

  • More often than not, this is the wrong setting. It should be checked whether it is installed correctly and completely.
  • Due to the motherboard itself – it could break or the video card connector was damaged
  • The computer does not see the video card due to a malfunction. External causes, as mentioned above, you can try to determine yourself, but in any case, you should send it in for repair
  • The video card does not start due to hardware or OS incompatibility, most often this happens after purchase
  • Lack of drivers. This problem can be solved by checking through the device manager for their presence. If this is indeed the problem, the drivers need to be downloaded and installed.

Video card diagnostics. The difference between a computer and a laptop

In fact, the difference between the video adapters of a PC and a laptop is very large. Let’s look at the main differences:

  • The integrated laptop graphics card is an integrated part of the motherboard. It is impossible to replace such a video card in a laptop . However, there are laptops with discrete video adapters that need to be replaced. The advantage of the PC is the advanced options for enhancing the performance of the card, as well as its replacement
  • The difference is in the size of the board itself and the chip – they are smaller in a laptop than in a computer
  • There is also a difference in the types of cooling. The heat pack inside a laptop is impossible to upgrade, unlike a large system unit
  • Laptop video cards do not overclock, some manufacturers even prohibit overlocking their devices
  • Work speed. Real gamers prefer a computer, as there is much more performance. A laptop with specially adapted gaming graphics cards can’t compare to a desktop system based on the XFX video adapter

Video card diagnostics. A laptop

If fans of powerful games use a laptop, they should pay attention to keeping the graphics card in excellent condition. First of all, laptop video card diagnostics is important , and you need to monitor timely cleaning, because the video card can overheat from pollution at any time and fail. Very often the question arises: is it possible to replace the video card on a laptop ?

If there was a breakdown of a discrete laptop video card , then you can try to repair it yourself before taking it for repair. The only thing you can try is to warm up the video card. But, as mentioned above, even if the warm-up is of high quality, in any case, sooner or later the operation of the video adapter will fail. To extend the performance a little, you should install reliable cooling, which will firmly fix the chip. This option is problematic, because finding proper cooling is not an easy task. The best solution would be to replace the video chip on the laptop with a new one.

A discrete adapter in a laptop allows you to make a similar replacement and, if necessary, replace the video card with a more powerful one .

Video card diagnostics. Differences when replacing in laptops

  • Replacing the video card in an HP laptop . These laptops differ in the density of components. During the replacement process, the engineer uses a vacuum gripper and other tool kits. For prevention, you should take your laptop to a service center to clean the cooling system at least once a year
  • Replacing a video card in a laptop A sus . The difficulty arises in replacing the integrated chip. She passes at the infrared repair station. You also need to give the laptop at least once a year for cleaning in the SC and not overload it with programs and games that do not meet the system requirements
  • Replacing a video card in a laptop S Repair involves replacing the microcircuit that is responsible for forming the picture on the display. Prevention requires regular cleaning and protection from overheating. No need to often leave your laptop in sleep mode
  • Replacing the video card in a Sony Vaio laptop. Replacing an integrated video card will be expensive, since repairs on it require painstaking work at special stations. Discrete substitution is easier. The most common failure occurs due to overheating, so you should protect your laptop
  • Replacement video card for iMac . The complexity of disassembly lies in the compactness of the components. After replacing the chip, the device is assembled in the reverse order. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble yourself

A discrete graphics card allows you to upgrade your laptop . Of course, everything is limited by the potential of the laptop model, so it is important to study the desired model in advance and check. During the replacement, the laptop is disassembled and a new graphics chip is used, this allows you to increase performance and power in games.

Video card diagnostics. How to avoid breakage

It is necessary to frequently check the performance of the video card on both the laptop and the PC, and identify or fix problems in time. The usual replacement of a video card on a laptop or a replacement for a more powerful one is possible if it is a discrete graphics adapter, but if it is integrated, then replacement is impossible, and repairs will most often cost a lot of money.

Using the above methods of external verification and verification through programs, you can avoid problems that in the future will result in either expensive repairs or the purchase of a new video card.

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