In Elden Ring, a player has discovered an ingenious way to escape the most powerful attack of the Godskin Noble

In Elden Ring Dodging Godskin Noble's roll with Lightning Ram

Elden Ring is one of the titles of the moment, and is thrilling legions of gamers ready to venture into the dangerous lands of the Interregnum.

Without a doubt, the new FromSoftware title (which you can find on Amazon at the best price) enjoys a decidedly intriguing and bewitching atmosphere, to which the numerous boss fights that the Senzaluce will have to face during their journey also contribute.

While someone has beaten one of these powerful enemies with just the shield , and someone else has discovered how to defeat a boss in a few moments , now there are those who have figured out a trick to better (and more easily) face one of the most challenging of the game.

Reddit user frigidkitsune posted a clip showing his way of fighting against the Godskin Noble , one of the most annoying bosses we will encounter in Elden RingĀ  (via Gamerant ).

This powerful enemy has one attack in particular that the Lightless have learned to fear, as it takes by surprise with a lightning-fast roll that has undoubtedly caused many deaths among the players, very difficult to dodge.

After hitting the boss with some attacks, the player prepares to face the powerful move of the enemy and, once it starts rolling, uses the Lightning Ram war ash to be able to perform a roll similar to the attack of the Godskin Noble.

Thus we see the Lightless rolling around a pillar followed by the enemy trying to reach it, but in this case his attempts prove to be in vain.

This is certainly an ingenious way to make the boss fight much more affordable, and we hope it can help you in the fight.

Still on the subject of interesting tricks to beat the bosses of Elden Ring , someone has also discovered a way to block Malenia’s most powerful attack .

Finally, there are those who have decided to recreate the battle against Margit, but in a 2D version .

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