Your adventure in Elden Ring is not over yet: in this guide we will explain what to do after completing the game.

Your last battle has come to an end, but your Elden Ring adventure has just begun : the Interregnum is such a vast world that it will offer you so many other challenges to face.

After beating the final boss , the Lightless may still wonder what other tasks they can do, before they can say they’ve successfully completed FromSoftware’s latest brutal soulslike.

In this guide we will therefore explain what to do after finishing Elden Ring , giving you some important tips to continue your adventure in the open world.

What to do after finishing Elden Ring

What to do after finishing Elden Ring

If you have come this far, we can say without a doubt that your Elden Ring journey has been fraught with not only challenges, but also fun and that you are not yet ready to let it go that easily.

In that case, there is no reason to be afraid: there are still so many things to do in the Interregnum, before you can officially dedicate yourself to new ventures.

Complete the dungeons

Even if you are convinced that you have discovered everything that FromSoftware’s open world can offer you, it is highly probable that you may have missed some dungeons .

The first piece of advice we would like to give you is therefore to go back, even to the first areas of the game if necessary, carefully explore every single area and complete all the dungeons you have left : you may find some useful equipment to memorize even for yours. upcoming adventures.

Beat all optional bosses

Bosses have always been FromSoftware’s trademark: the open world of this incredible soulslike hides many other threats waiting to be discovered , always able to offer the right level of challenge to the most skilled and willing players.

Just like for dungeons, even in this case we can only suggest you explore the Interregnum even more in depth and face the last remaining bosses in deadly duels , proving once and for all that you do not fear any threat.

Complete the side missions

Elden Ring does not offer much information about the missions offered by the secondary characters , leaving players the charm of discovering all the hidden details about the lore of the game for themselves and rewarding the exploration.

If you have already completed the main story, now the time has come to find out how to complete all the quests of the game : you will be rewarded not only with the best items available in the game, but you will discover many new stories that will make you fall in love with this adventure again. more.

What to do after finishing Elden Ring

Play cooperatively

Now that you’re a true expert on FromSoftware’s latest soulslike, you can use your knowledge to help your friends , or maybe support players around the world to take down the toughest bosses.

So if you feel particularly generous and are ready to help other users enjoy the wonders of this beautiful but brutal open world more, you can focus more on cooperative play : get organized with your friends or allow someone to summon you at the right time.

Confront and invade other players

In case you don’t feel so kind to others, but once again want to prove that you are the best in the world, then there is no better choice than to focus on invasions of other worlds.

It will be up to you to choose whether to face them in PvP duels or whether to focus on the classic treacherous hunts against other users: in any case, Elden Ring ‘s multiplayer is certainly one of the most powerful weapons to further incentivize replayability.

Explore the Interregnum

Since your initial priority has always been to survive, you may not have fully enjoyed the beautiful landscapes that Elden Ring is able to offer you.

If you have finished the adventure and you are one of the players who loved the level design of this adventure, it might therefore be worth taking a few moments to explore the Interregnum and admire more closely everything FromSoftware was able to to build.

Not to get any bonuses or rare gear, but simply to relax and enjoy your success even more.

Start a new game

If you feel satisfied with your progress, feel you have completed everything possible but are not yet ready to say goodbye to the Interregnum, then you have no choice but to start a new game and start over.

Thanks to the New Game Plus you will be able to keep all your equipment and earned levels, but at the same time enjoy a more difficult adventure . Plus, you can get higher quality loot, thus offering additional incentives for a brand new Interregnum expedition.

And if you want to make it even more interesting, you may even decide to experiment with a new class , to discover a completely unique gameplay compared to your first time.

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