In this guide, we will explain how to use War Ashes on your equipment.

To survive in the brutal Interregnum of Elden Ring , a good Lightless must know how to adapt to any situation, making sure not only that they have the right equipment for each situation but also improve it properly .

To achieve this, players will be able to use the ashes of war , one of the most interesting innovations of the latest soulslike created by FromSoftware.

In this guide, we will therefore explain how to use war ashes to your advantage, also explaining what they are and where to find them .

How to use War Ashes on your equipment Elden Ring

How to get the ashes of war

There are several methods for obtaining the Ashes of War, but just remember that these intriguing elements follow the exact same rules as the equipment present in Elden Ring .

You may be able to get the former with your starting gear , as weapons of some classes in particular have usable War Ashes by default.

To unlock others, you will have to carefully explore the Interregnum and all its secret areas : if you come across a hidden area protected by enemies that are difficult to defeat, it is likely that you will find new ashes to use. Even bosses will often reward you with these rewards, thus giving you one more reason to challenge yourself against these powerful opponents.

How to use war ashes

The ashes of war are in effect tools that will modify the properties of your equipment: you can not only increase and decrease certain characteristics , but also change the skills that are associated with your items.

Using them is extremely simple: all you have to do is go to a place of grace of your choice, rest next to it and select the appropriate menu option , which will allow you to manage all your ashes.

From this screen you can freely apply all the tools at your disposal, but you will also have the possibility to remove them to restore the original properties of your weapon.

Thanks to the ashes of war you will be able to manage your equipment to make it personalized and adapt it to different challenges: carefully analyze all the effects and make sure you are always ready for any danger.

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